THE FIRST PHILIPPINE TRANSPORT COMPANY TO EMPLOY THE SLEEPER BUS! G.V. Florida Transport, Inc. also known as "Florida Liner" "Florida Bus lines" or simply "Florida", is a fast-growing Philippine bus company incorporated in 1999, and it is one of the major bus companies in Northern Philippines. It was originally servicing Manila to Cagayan Valley provinces and vice versa. The name comes from the founders of the company, siblings George Florida and Virgilio Florida, Jr. The company also offers bus chartering services to individuals and corporations. G.V. Florida Transport, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 by the brothers George and Virgilio Florida, Jr. The company operated formerly as Florida Liner, which was founded by Virgilio Florida, Sr. at the end of the 1970s. G.V. Florida Transport ferries goods and passengers from Metro Manila to Cagayan Valley Region, as well as in Ilocos Region. Also, it operates inter-provincial routes between neighboring provinces in Cagayan Valley. A sister bus company, GMW Florida Trans Inc., is being operated by the other siblings of George and Virgilio Florida. This company serves the Santiago-Cauayan-Tuguegarao-Laoag and Tuguegarao-Abra via Bantay/Vigan routes. [] Unofficial facebook page:
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