Welcome in the Aircraft Bitburg, AB Group. If you have some old photos (Scans, Pictures, slide, digital) of aircraft (F-4, F-15,... ) that were stationed here - You are welcome to post them all. Willkommen. Haben sie alte Fotos (Scans, Bilder, Dia, Digital) von Flugzeugen (F-4, F-15,…) die in Bitburg stationiert waren dann posten Sie diese hier in der Gruppe. Viel Spaß in dieser Gruppe, have fun in this group, phantomderpfalz Photo by planetwitcher Bitburg Airbase History: 1951 French Army 1952 USAFE, 53rd Fighter-Bomber Squadron, 36th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 1953 USAFE, 22nd, 23rd Fighter-Bomber Squadrons 1958 USAFE, 36th Tactical Fighter Wing, 1959 - 1968 525th FIS 1991 USAFE, 36th Fighter Wing, 22nd FS, 53rd FS, 525rd FS, 1994 deactivated October 01 Skyblazers Demonstration Team was stationed in the 50´s... Aircraft: 1950 - 1953 F-84E Thunderjets 1953 - 1956 F-86F 1956 - 1960 F-100D/F 1959 - 1968 F-102D 1961 - 1966 F-105D/F 1966 - 1977 F-4D/E 1977 - 1994 F-15A/B/C/D Your have more Information please send me a E-Mail... More USAFE Groups: Aircraft Alconbury, AB (RAF) Aircraft Aviano, AB Aircraft Bentwaters/ Woodbridge, AB (RAF) Aircraft Bitburg, AB Aircraft Hahn, AB Aircraft Lakenheath, AB (RAF) Aircraft Mildenhall, AB (RAF) Aircraft Ramstein, AB Aircraft Sembach Aircraft Spangdahlem, AB 32 TFS Wolfhounds Soesterberg Aircraft Torrejon, AB Aircraft Upper Heyford, AB (RAF) Aircraft Zweibrücken, AB USAFE Aircraft/ United States Air Forces in Europe
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