Images of The Longest Bench in Littlehampton, West Sussex. At 324 metres long and seating over 300 adults, the Longest Bench in the UK is a must-see for anyone visiting Sussex. Opened to the public on 30th July 2010, this bench travels along the promenade meandering around lampposts, bending behind bins and almost disappearing completely into the tarmac before re-emerging delighting adults and children alike. Incorporated into the design are two "shelters" made of bronze-finished steel, upon reaching these, the bench takes on a life of its own twisting and curving, bouncing off the ceiling creating seats and opening and framing the wonderful views. Designed by with funding from CABE's Sea Change Funding The bench is also engraved with hundreds of personal messages from supporters which has helped it stretch a little bit further! If you are interested in supporting the bench and helping Littlehampton make it into the record books in return for your name or message engraved onto the bench, contact
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