People caught looking inside. Moments of meditation and contemplation, rapture and self-absorption, anywhere from the spiritual to the orgasmic. Moments of quiet contentment or distraction, solitary and shared. EACH MEMBER MAY SUBMIT ONE PHOTO A DAY. Any photos in excess of that will be arbitrarily deleted at my discretion; whichever one I think best meets the theme will be left. I am sorry that I simply don't have the time to contact dozens of people a day to ask them politely which photos they would like to see deleted. Deletions of images that do not fit the subject will occur immediately without warning, don't take offense just re-read the clarifications. -anomalousNYC & andreboxbox Introspective is in general a place for us - photographers and spectactors - to look at people who are looking inside themselves. It is not really about us looking at or inside ourselves. if you leave comments or invite an image to the group please add this tag <a href="">Introspective.... the group</a> which will read like this.... Introspective.... the group
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