COMMENT CODES HERE; __________ FLORES BUGAMBILIAS, VERANERAS Este es un grupo de Flores Bugamilias, tambien conocidas como veraneras ,Trinitarias, Santa Ritas, Bougainvillea, Bouganville . Agregar 1 photo y comentar 3 en las fotos mas cercana a la tuya. Por favor ponga solo Bugambilias, otro tipo de flores seran eliminadas. This is a Bugambilia flowers group (also know as veraneras, Trinitarias, Santa Ritas, Bougainvillea, Bouganville) . You can add your photos "without invitation" but do not add any other kind of flower because it will be deleted. Post 1 photo and comment 3 .Photos After Your Photo Using The Comments Codes Thanks! FOR COMMENT <b>COMMENTED/COMENTADA!!! <a href="><img src=" "/> FLORES BUGAMBILIAS VERANERAS </a></b> TAG your photo <b>" FloresBugambiliasVeraneras " ═════════════════════ With 5 Awards : <a href=""> Post your Photo Here</a> With 6 + Awards : <a href=""> Post your Photo Here</a> ═══════════ Your Photo Is In The Pool, Please Make 3 Comments after your photo Using the codes from the group.
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