Photograph the Queen as she visits each port on her maiden voyage (December 11, - 21, 2007), Maiden Canary Islands Festive Celebration (December 21, 2007 - January 6, 2008), and her maiden World Cruise (January 6 - April 22, 2008). We would like to record shots made at each of her ports and while on the cruise. Please record the date, port or where the shot was made on the ship if you are a passenger in the Title, and a line or two to a full story in the description. Make this fun and let's record this beauty to all the world in Flickr. By the way, members of this group are known as crew members of the Queen Victoria - Flickr, and that's an honor to hold. You will gain much respect within Flickr with a title like that. In addition, those volunteering first in a community of call of the ship title is First Mate of the crew for that community. Example Miek37 was the first recruited in Rotterdam and thus he is now known as First Mate - Rotterdam Miek37 of the Queen Victoria -Flickr. Now that's an honor, isn't it. Have fun.
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