A group for photos of historic and modern military vehicles seen in the UK. These can be on the road, in museums or at shows. Armour,or softskin, tracks, wheeled vehicles, motorbikes from Army Navy and RAF are welcome as are pictures of the people associated with them. Civil Defence, Home Guard, Auxilliary Fire Service, NAAFI and similar organisations' vehicles are similarly welcome. Sorry but no pictures of planes, helicopters, ships or boats. Unless there is a land/amphib military vehicle in the shot. Please note this is a group for pictures of military vehicles of any nationality. The one stipulation is that they must have been photographed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Please tag the picture with its location and/or use the mapping facility to show where it was taken. Note: pictures of UK and other countries vehicles taken outside the UK are best posted in such groups as Artillery Military Land Rovers Military lorries and soft vehicles Military Wreckers and Tanks and armoured cars All of which are administered by our members. We've made a decision not to allow videos in the pool for the very good reason that there is already an excellent site on the web dedicated to military vehicle videos - the Historic Military Vehicle Forum TV site - well worth a visit but make sure someone is around to check up on you occasionally, you'll be glued to the screen for hours ...
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