This group is for viewing and/or posting images of the inside of commerical airliner cabins (economy class, business class and first class)and on board activity. Photos of the cabin, seats, cockpit, flight crew, rest areas, meals, kitchen, washrooms, cargo bays or whatever else catches your attention in flight or while the plane is on the ground so long as it's a picture with it's subject focused on the inside the aircraft. Don't add photos of planes or landscapes taken inside from your window to the outside. There are other groups that specialize in that. Please try to include the aircraft type, airline and cabin class if applicable. Also if you know the aircraft registration number also please add it in. Thanks in advance & enjoy! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some other Groups to consider adding your aviation related photos; Boeing All Boeing planes Please try and always post your Boeing pics in this and the specific airliner model group as follows below; 707, 717, 727,737,747, 757, 767,777, 787. AIrbus All Airbus planes Please try and always post your Airbus pics in this and the specific airliner model group as follows below; A300/A310, A320, A330, A340, A350, and A380. Specialty aviation pics For cabin shots: Inside Commercial Aircraft and Inside the Plane. For airliners with special colour schemes (or liveries) Special Liveries; For Aircraft registration match ups Aircraft Registration For pictures of aircraft tails and winglets: Winglets and Tails group. For airlines themselves I administer these groups: Air Canada, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air Transat, Continental Airlines, Airlines of Mexico, KLM, Qantas, and Air France. For airports I administer Montreal's: Montreal's Trudeau Airport (YUL). For propellor, regional jet, classic and trijet aircraft try: Turbo Props, Regional Jets & Classic Airliners. TriJet Feel free to join any of these and add as many pictures as you'd like. Registration Numbers: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Also please remember to add your pictures to.. All Boeing planes to: Boeing 747s: Boeing 767s: Boeing 777s: Boeing 787s: Airbus planes to: Airbus A330s: Airbus A340s: McDonnell Douglas planes to: Russian/Soviet planes to: Thanks for stopping by & enjoy!
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