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afka_bob • 9 371 photos
• Last Activity : 2016-08-29

Giant map of New Hampshire
Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia 2012
Diner Spotter's Guide
Sunday in Town
Fenway Park 100
Another Day in Town
Newbury and Bradford
Another Pawtuckaway Mother's Day
South Shore Saturday
Hitchhiker's Guide to New England, the Maritimes, and Newfoundland
New Hampshire 2012
Piscataquog Trail to the Hands Across the Merrimack Bridge
First Night 2012
Cohas Brook Trestle
Veterans Day Parade
Model Train Shows
Chester Turnpike
Mont Vernon Congregational Church
New Jersey weekend
Autumn 2011
Family and Friends 2012
Family and Friends 2011
Family and Friends 2010
Family and Friends 2009
Family and Friends 2008
Rochester Fair 2011
Old Meeting House
Sid and Sara
Maine 2011
Independence Day Weekend 2011
Bryce Canyon
London 2011
Rob Brook Trail Ski 2011
NESDC Races on Lake Chocorua 2011
Camel's Hump 1990
Mahoosic Notch Hike, August 1996
Now it's New Jersey
Long Trail 1995
Mt. Moosilauke 1995
Sawyer Pond Ski 1999
Sawyer Pond Ski 1996
Franconia Ridge 1996
Crag Camp 1996
Valley Street Autumn 2010
Hopkinton Fair 2010
Sandwich Fair 2010
Autumn 2010
Lower Warner Cemetery
Fisher Cats -vs- New Britain Rock Cats
Lightning Bug Kung-Fu
Harrisville, New Hampshire
Fiddleheads and Ferns
Lilies of the Valley
Mothers' Day 2010
New Hampshire Fire Towers
Kearsarge Mountain
Maple Sugaring
Maple Sugar Weekend 2010
February 2010, North East, Maryland
Ethan Pond and Mt. Willey
Lincoln Woods Trail ski
20 below Zero on Mt. Adams
Spring Pemipalooza 1991
Jumping at Nantasket
Francestown, New Hampshire
Christmas Trains
Holocaust Memorial
North End
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