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Michael Zampelli • 3 824 photos
• long beach, usa
• Last Activity : 2017-04-02

Nashville Pussy at Alex's Bar
Baby Doll Brawl
Beach Cities Roller Derby
Agape Toastmasters Red Carpet 2011
Team Legit vs LA Ri-ettes
2010 Long Beach Funk Fest
Summer and Music 2010
LA Derby Dolls Fight Crew vs Swarm - 5/15/2010
Macros, flowers, bugs etc
Medical Marijuana
Call the Cops live at Bamboozle Left 2010 at Angel Stadium in Anaheim
Long Beach Raggamuffins Reggae Festival 2010
Skinny Puppy performs at Club Nokia in Los angeles on 12-10-09
2009 Championships - Tough Cookies vs. The Swarm - 12/5/09
Party Weirdo at the Basement - Nov 14th 2009
Oktoberfest 2009 at Old World Villiage in Huntington Beach, California
20th Annual Belmont Shore Car Show 2009
Long Beach Blues Festival 2009
Concordia Mod Night at Di Piazza
Vans Warped Tour 2009 in Carson, California
Vans Store Long Beach Grand Opening
Long Beach Crawfish Festival 2009
Wendy Ho at Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach
Bouchees Bistro Burger Eating Contest
Homeland Cultural Center - Dancefest 2009
County Line 4th of July Pool Party
Peter Murphy of Bauhaus at the House of Blues in Anaheim on June 8, 2009
Sirens vs Tough Cookies - 5/30/09
The Prodigy at the Grove of Anaheim - May 26, 2009
Backyard Birds
Long Beach 2009 Pride Parade
2009 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
Bamboozle Left 2009
Lil Wayne "I am Music" Tour at Gibson Amphitheater
Fight Crew vs. Swarm - 3/28/09
Mourning Doves nest in my yard
Ragga Muffins Festival 2009 in Long Beach, California on February 21-22 2009
Lucha Va Voom at the Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, Feb 11 2009
Alex's Bar 9-Year Anniversary
Tear Sheets - My pics in print
Rosemary's Billygoat at the Doll Factory 1/24/09
District Weekly's UNDERGROUND at the Cellar in Long Beach
Tough Cookies vs Fight Crew - 1/24/09
Cut & Paste, Rock & Roll at Di Piazza's in Long Beach
Ri-Ettes vs. Santa's Helpers - 12/13/08
Quiksilver All 80's All Day Vert Challenge with Tony Hawk
LA Live and Los Angeles
Rivers Cuomo of Weezer - Jam Session at Fingerprints Records 11/25/08
2008 Championships - Tough Cookies vs. Sirens - 11/08/08
Baby Doll Brawl - 10/25/08
Weezer 'Troublemaker' Video Shoot
Fight Crew vs Varsity Brawlers 10/4/08
Fight Crew vs. Sirens 09/13/08
Nine Inch Nails at the Forum 09/06/08
The BRIGGS at Warped Tour 2008
3OH!3 at Warped Tour 2008
BIG DRILL CAR at Warped Tour 2008
D.I. at Warped 2008
Charged GBH at Warped Tour 2008
Revolution Mother at WARPED TOUR 2008
The GERMS at Warped Tour 2008
The Humpers / Zeke / Sun Trash
WARPED Tour 2008 - Carson
Long Beach Mayor drives Biodiesel Tractor
Manic Hispanic @ Alex's Aug 10 2008
Punk Rock Social CH3/Shattered Faith/Krum Bums
Say Cheese Long Beach Photo Contest
La Derby Dolls - Mayor's Day of Service
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