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fahrradjusti • 3 784 photos
• Last Activity : 2016-08-09

Union Stahlnaben
Campagnolo Record headset
Stronglight 5pin chainwheel
unknown 5pin chainwheel
Drahtreifenfelgen Ansicht
Stollenwerk Typ "Varese" Damensportrad
Cyclo Rosa hand operated front derailleur
Huret rod operated front derailleur
Simplex Competition Handumwerfer #2
Simplex Competition Handumwerfer
Simplex Schaltwerke etc.
Unbekanntes Damensportrad
Schröder Damenrahmen
Technobull Damenrennrad
Titan adjustable track stem
Diamant 67 Aluminium Vorbau
Cinelli Caminade handlebar stem combination
CLB Professionnel brake levers #3
CLB Professionnel brake levers #2
CLB Professionnel brake levers #1
Diamant 167 Doppelkettenblatt #2
Balilla quick release brakes
Universal Model 51 brakes
Universal Model 51 brake levers
CLB Professionnel brakes long reach
Diamant 167 Doppelkettenblatt
CLB Professionnel brakes short reach
Shimano 600 Ultegra crankset FC-6400
Stollenwerk Typ Furka 1938
BSA (Birmingham Small Arms)
unknown cottered steel crankset
cranks and chainrings
unknown steel hubs probably french
Mafac Racer Dural Forge brakeset
Puch Royal Force frame set FOR SALE
1950's Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleur set
Campagnolo Weinmann wheelset
Ein fast gleiches Paar Holzfelgen
FB hubs / Scheeren Standard wheel set FOR SALE
F&S Aluminium Nabe / Scheeren Standard Felge
1985 Cinelli Supercorsa 51,5 cm FOR SALE
Rabeneick Campagnolo Kurbeln
Diamant Modell 69 Damenrahmen 1930er Jahre
Diamant Modell 9 Damen-Sportrad 1939 (1144232)
Rennradlenker-Vorbau vernickelt
Fratelli Brivio
Lauer Rennradrahmen teildefekt FOR SALE
Paupitz Bahnrahmen 50cm
Campagnolo Record Pista - Super Champion Hinterrad 28 Loch
28 hole Scheeren Weltmeister Campagnolo front wheel FOR SALE
Pelissier 2000 FIR RIGEL wheel set
Hanow Sportrahmen FOR SALE
Gold anodized 3ttt Gran-Prix Special Cinelli Giro D'Italia handlebars FOR SALE
Campagnolo Record 172,5 mm 151 BCD crank gold anodised
Cinelli Riviera frame
Rabeneick Campagnolo Modell 120 modified for Altenburger
Rabeneick Campagnolo Modell 120
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