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RhyoR • 1 636 photos

Saalhausen/Freital, Döhlener Becken, Sachsen/Germany
Rötelpfad - Leissberg thundereggs, Saarland/Germany
Mesquite Creek thundereggs, Mexico
Smalkalden area thundereggs, Thüringer Wald/Germany
Hinterer Geisberg thundereggs, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Lierbachtal Ofersbach thundereggs, Baden-Württemberg/Germany
Ochs Ranch thundereggs, OR/USA
Green eggs 'n ham bed, Oregon/USA
unknown beds
Mount Lyall thundereggs, Canada
McDermitt upper bed thundereggs Oregon/USA
McDermitt Baby Doe thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt Boxcar #2 thundereggs
McDermitt Middle beds thundereggs Oregon/USA
McDermitt Red Hill upper bed thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt Red Hill lower bed thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt Cliff bed thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt Blue bed thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt - Quinn River lower beds - Blue Ridge claim thundereggs
McDermitt area - the "gassy" bed - thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt - Pinnacle Overlook bed thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt - Quinn River McIntosh claim thundereggs
McDermitt - Boxcar #1 thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt - Bed 79 thundereggs, OR/USA
McDermitt - Devil's gate thundereggs
McDermitt - Indian Reservation thundereggs
McDermitt - Shearing Creek thundereggs
McDermitt Golden Glow bed thundereggs, Oregon/USA
McDermitt - Cottonwood Creek #1 transitional nodules.
McDermitt Cottonwood Creek #2 transitional nodules, Oregon/USA
McDermitt - unknown bed 'Calico eggs'
McDermitt Praying Hands thundereggs, McDermitt area, Oregon/USA
McDermitt "area" - who knows what bed ....
Little Naches #1 thundereggs, WA/USA
Little Naches #2 thundereggs, Washington/USA
Little Naches # 2.5 thundereggs, Washington/USA
White River thundereggs, Enumclaw, WA/USA
Hood River thundereggs, Oregon/USA
Allen Canyon thunderegg, Morrow county, Oregon/USA
Opal Butte thunderegg beds, Heppner, Oregon/USA
Frieda beds thunderegg, Wasco county, Oregon/USA
Mutton Mountain thundereggs, Wasco county, Oregon/USA
Warm Springs Reservation thundereggs, OR/USA
Star Boy mine thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts., Oregon/USA
White Fir Springs jasper bed thundereggs Oregon/USA
White Fir Springs agate bed thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts., Oregon/USA
Wildcat Mountain Jasper bed, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
Dry Creek thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts., OR/USA
Whistler Springs thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
Ochoco agate bed thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, OR/USA
Viewpoint mine thundereggs, Ochoco mntns., OR/USA
Lucky Strike Mine thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
Valley View mine thundereggs, Ochoco Mntns, OR/USA
Rojo Di claim thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts, OR/USA
Desolation Canyon thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
Mill Creek thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts., OR/USA
Harvey Gap thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
NJ01 bed thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, OR/USA
Deadwood bed thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts, OR/USA
Fallen Tree thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
Radford Mine thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
Fred bed thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
TnT thundereggs, Ochoco mountains, Oregon/USA
Lemon Tree bed thunderegg, Ochoco Moountains, OR/USA
West of Queenspoint thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts., OR/USA
Queens Point thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains, Oregon/USA
Eddy bed thundereggs, Ochoco Mountains/Oregon
Little Apple bed thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts., OR/USA
White Rock Springs thundereggs, Oregon/USA
WM13 thundereggs, Ochoco Mnts., OR/USA
Mudball bed, Ochoco Mnts., OR/USA
Sandy bed, Ochoco Mnts., OR/USA
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