Photos taken during my service aboard the USS Truxtun (CGN-35) 1980-82.
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USS Truxtun CGN-35a set by Enjoy Every Sandwich
188 photos

Best Bird Shots
Best Music Shots Volume 4
Best Music Shots Volume 3
Best Music Shots Volume 2
Best Music Shots Volume 1
Metal Bands
Rockabilly Bands
Karen Jonas Volume 6
Karen Jonas Volume 5
Karen Jonas Volume 4
Karen Jonas Volume 3
Karen Jonas Volume 2
Karen Jonas Volume 1
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2016
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2015
Vanessa Peters
West Virginia Farm Walkabout
The Purple Fiddle Vol 2 10/14-
The Purple Fiddle Vol 1 9/08-10/13
Hagerstown Fairgrounds CountryFest 2016
Kitty and The Fat Cats Volume 2
Kitty and The Fat Cats Volume 1
EP Jackson/The WeatherVanes
Ashleigh Chevalier
The Highballers
Brandy Clark
Lindi Ortega
Lisa Lim Band
Samantha Fish
Dale Watson
Hot Rod Rockers
DK's Wolf
Eyes Like Birds
Accidental Red
Megan Jean and The KFB
Sam Lewis
The Star City Dilettantes
Rob Williams
Open Mic Nights
Crown Vic
The Anthony James Band
The King Bolts
Joe Ely
The Judy Chops
Trailer Katz
The Southern Explosion Band
Aikido In Fredericksburg
The Martha Capone Band
Smith Party of Three
We Are The 9
Music Makes Life Better
Bumper Jacksons
Johnny Gator & the Trouble Trio
Eddie Dickerson
Kylie Westerbeck
Takoma Park Folk Festival 2014
Natalie York
Artscape Baltimore 2014
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2014
Cabin Creek
JoJo Bayliss
Save The Arcadian
Band Madness
The Green Boys
Brenton and The Blues Busters
Jimmy Buffett
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2013
Kim Richey
The David Wax Museum
Charlie Isom Project
The DC Transit Band
Mason Neck State Park 2013-2016
St. Patrick's Day at Dogfish Head Alehouse
National Zoo
Mason Neck State Park 2012
Fast Heart Mart
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2012
Mason Neck State Park 2011
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2011
Music at Iota
Mason Neck State Park 2010
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2010
Mason Neck State Park 2009
Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2009
Mason Neck National Wildlife Refuge
Live Music in Manassas VA
Girls Guns And Glory, in Herndon VA
Brian Ashley Jones at Kybecca Wine Bar
Huntley Meadows Park
Alex Pilotti Band
Armed Forces Day Joint Services Open House 2010
Jamestown-Surry 2010
York River State Park
Hooters Girls
Leesylvania State Park
Triple Eagle Release at Mason Neck State Park 7/25/09
Caledon Natural Area, Virginia
Occoquan, Virginia
Great Falls National Park, Virginia
WVA Outdoors
Rock Springs Park, O'Fallon IL
Bealeton Flying Circus
Lucketts Bluegrass 3/7/09
Country For Kids Concert 1998
Family photos
USS Austin LPD-4
USS Truxtun CGN-35
Pensacola, Florida
New Orleans 1979
Portsmouth/London 1984
Paris 1984
Kenya 1982
Turkey 1983
Grab Bag
Jamestown VA
Colonial Williamsburg
Yorktown VA
National Cherry Blossom Festival 2009
Washington D.C.
West Virginia Misc
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