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Bromsgrove. 2 March 1963a set by ricsrailpics
18 photos

1960s GWR Steam in B&W
1960s SR Steam in B&W
1960s LMS Steam in B&W
1960s LNER Steam in B&W
1960s BR Steam in B&W
60s steam in colour
Diesel & Electric Locos in B&W
Birmingham New Street Station
Birmingham Snow Hill/Moor Street Stations
Isle of Wight Railways
London Sheds 3 October 1964
Bromsgrove. 2 March 1963
Swindon Scrap Line
Queen's Head, Handsworth
SLS Tours of the 60s
1960s Rail Tours
Severn Valley Railway
West Somerset Railway
Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway
Great Central Railway
North York Moors Railway
North Norfolk Railway
Swanage/Paignton & Dartmouth Railway
Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
Midland Railway Trust
Nene Valley Railway
K&ESR / Bluebell
Mid Hants / Lakeside/East Somerset
Shakespeare Express
Llangollen Railway
CF de la Baie de Somme
CFD Vivarais
Steam Specials
'Flying Scotsman'
Shed & Depot Open Days
Shildon 15 February 2014 'The Great Goodbye'
1000+ views
2000+ views
Narrow gauge
Classes 20/25/33/35/40/45/46/50/52
Class 31
Class 37
Class 47/57
Class 56
Class 58
Class 60
Class 66
Classes 67, 68 & 70
Classes 81 & 85
Class 86
Class 87
Class 90
Class 92
Early dmus
Class 142/153dmu/class 139
Class 150 dmu
Class 170 dmu
Classes 165/168 turbo
Class 172
Classes 220/221 'Voyager'
Class 156/158/159 dmu
Stations & other buildings. Nameplates & Signs
Acocks Green
Bentley Heath Crossing
Wadleys Road Bridge
Water Orton
Whitacre Junction
Widney Manor
Russian/Belgian 1964
French Railways
'RhB 125' 11-15 June 2014
Swiss Railways
Sad Bag
Birmingham Cathedral
UK Churches - exterior
UK Churches - interiors
European Churches
Church Interiors - non-UK
Bridlington non-railway
Hull/Cottingham. June 1958
Black Country Museum & Avoncroft
National Trust
National Memorial Arboretum
Russia 1964
Loughborough Bell Foundry
UK canals
B&W non-rail
Lake Garda 2010
USA & Canada September 2012
Isle of Wight. July 2014
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