Photographs taken during the last week of operation of Old Sydney town, Somersby NSW. Photographs by Geoff Potter, Local Studies Librarian, Gosford City Library. Enjoy browsing Gosford local history at:
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Old Sydney Town: the last days January 2003 Part 2a set by Gostalgia: local history from Gosford Library
23 photos

Egyptian Park Zoo, Kincumber NSW
Aerials by Avion Views
Mt Penang Precinct
Calga Expressway
Gosford Public School 150th anniversary resources
Gosford Poppy Project: Always remembering the sacrifices April 2015
The Gosford District during World War One, 1914-1918
World War One resources on Gostalgia
Pt Clare
West Gosford
Mooney Mooney
East Gosford
Empire Bay
Daley's Point
Pearl Beach
Hardy's Bay
Green Point
Forresters Beach
Terrigal Beach1980s
Wamberal 1980s
Erina Heights 1980s
Gosford Streetscape 1986
White Ribbon Day Gosford
Wray family album Beecroft, Woy Woy and NSW 1910-1914
Elinor Caroline Wray: pioneer speech therapist
Les Allen's CCLC Entertainers
Musicals at CCLC
Side acts at CCLC
Australian and NZ artists at CCLC
The Bandstand family at CCLC
Fashion photos by Les Allen
Winifred Attwell at CCLC
Personalities around the CCLC
A good night out at CCLC
Behind the scenes at CCLC
Dazzle at CCLC
Trip the light fantastic at CCLC
Overseas acts at CCLC
Kulnura Celebrates its' Centenary 1914-2014
Churches of the Central Coast
Avoca NSW
Mick Bailey Collection
Beryl Strom's built heritage of the Central Coast
Wreck of the Maitland... a scene to make the angels weep
50 years of Ploddy the Gosford dinosaur 1963-2013
Davistown and Saratoga NSW
Railway scenes in and around Gosford
Preserved steam at Gosford, March 2006
Preserved steam at Gosford November 2004
Gosford railway scenes 1964
Mangrove Mountain and Kulnura
The portraits
On the land
The children
The animals
The homes
WW1 artillery training camp at "The Warren", Marrickville NSW
Gosford Library: service with a smile since 1948
Last days at Australian Reptile Park Wyoming
Walking the dinosaur!!!
Ettalong's Underbelly Razor connection
The 1880s-1900
The 1940s
The 1920s
The 1930s
The 1950s
The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s
Local Colour!
"Hillaroo", Mt Elliott NSW 1919
Ettalong and Umina
Kincumber NSW
Railways in the Gosford district
Wyoming NSW
Gosford in the early days
Woy Woy NSW
Lisarow NSW
Jusfrute cordials and fruit extracts, West Gosford NSW
Brooklyn NSW in the 1970s and 1980s
Gosford NSW in the 1970s and 1980s
Woy Woy NSW in the 1970s and 1980s
Terrigal NSW in the 1970s and 1980s
Wyoming NSW in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s
Our favourites
Tourism on the Central Coast of NSW
Mann Street memories
Pubs of the Gosford district
The Gosford virtual men's shed
Sport and recreation in the Gosford Region
Shopping in the Gosford Region
Gosford Musical Society productions
Entertainment on the Central Coast NSW
Yesterday's children from Gosford Library Collections
Australian Reptile Park, Wyoming NSW
Old Sydney Town: promotional materials archive
Old Sydney Town: the last days January 2003 Part 3
Old Sydney Town: the last days January 2003 Part 2
Old Sydney Town: the last days January 2003 Part 1
Margins soft drinks: a Gosford institution!
The 1900s-1910s
CCLC Behind the scenes
Sports action at CCLC