This friendly little museum, off the beaten path between Dover, DE, and Annapolis, MD, features a varied collection of Golden Age and intesting homebuilt and experimental aircraft. The museum recently rescued a rare original DC-3A from being torn down after the restaurant in Dover (where the poor aircraft served as a gate guard) closed down. The staff are very helpful and oblging.
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Massey Air Museuma set by dlberek
24 photos

Field of Sunflowers
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Down and Out: Abandoned and Derelict Aircraft
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Warbirds (Mostly World War II Era)
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Aircraft in Nontraditional Roles
Aircraft for Pilots to Be
Cargo Planes (Freighters) - Civilian
Small Airliners
Flying with the Birds - Man's Earliest Dreams of Flight
Dreams of Crossing Oceans
Aerial Fantasies of the 'Twenties, the Great Depression, and World War II
Harnessing the Power of the Atom: Nuclear Aircraft
Early Designs That DIffered from the Actual Plane
Aerobatic Displays
Air Mobility Command Museum
Air Victory Museum
American Air Power Museum
American Flight Museum
Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey
American Helicopter Museum
Berlin Airlift Historic Foundation
Champaign Aviation Museum
The Collings Foundation
Commemorative Air Force
The Concorde Experience, Bridgetown, Barbados
Cradle of Aviation Museum
EAA AirVenture Museum - Experimental Aircraft Association
Eagle's Mere Air Museum
Empire State Aerosciences Museum
Franklin Institute
Friends of Bellanca Airfield
General Billy Mitchell Gallery
Glenn H. Curtiss Museum
Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum
Golden Age Air Museum
Greenwood Lake Airport (4N1)
Hagerstown Aviation Museum
Harold F. Pitcairn Wings of Freedom Museum
Historic Aircraft Restoration Project
Massey Air Museum
McGuire AFB (Wright Field)
Mid Atlantic Air Museum
Millville Army Air Field Museum
MSP - Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport
Minnesota Air Guard Museum
Museo del Aire "Cuatro Vientos," Madrid, Spain
NASA Visitor Center - Wallops Flight Facility
National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey
National Museum of the United States Air Force
National Museum of the Marine Corps - Quantico
National Soaring Museum
Naval Air Station Wildwood
New England Air Museum
New York State Museum
Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Paterson Museum
Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum
Russell Military Museum
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - At the Mall in Washington
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum - Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
State Museum of Pennsylvania
United States Army Heritage Center Museum
United States Army Transportation Museum
Van Sant Airport, Erwinna, PA (9N1)
USS Intrepid Air Sea Space Museum
Virginia Aviation Museum
Waco Aircraft Museum
Warriors & Warbirds Museum
William T. Piper Museum
Wings of Eagles Discovery Center
Wright B Museum
Wright Brothers Aviation Center - Carillon Park
Yankee Air Museum
Individual Aircraft on Display
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Avro & Avro Canada
Beech - Beechcraft
Bell Helicopter
Bellanca Bella
Clyde Cessna's Legacy
Cirrus - A New Kid on the Block
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From the Genius of Glenn H. Curtiss
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The Genius of Burt Rutan
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Shanghai Y-10 - Chinese Airliner
Waco Aircraft Company
The Wright Plane
A Peek Behind the Iron Curtain
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Canadian Aircraft
French Aircraft - Avions Francaises
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Literature of the Holocaust
Janusz Korczak Memorabilia
Janusz Korczak - Pictures from His Life
Janusz Korczak Publications in English
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Korczak in Music and Musicals
Janusz Korczak - Exhibition Posters
Korczak's Legacy: The 1979 UN International Year of the Child
Irena Sendler
Jan Karski
Courage and Resistance in the Holocaust
Other Books I Have Read
Creativity All Around Me
Rescued Animals
Farm Animals
Wildlife Miscellany
Beautiful Birds
Wonderful Cats
Reptiles and Amphibians
Fish and Other Marine Life
Bergen County Zoo
Cape May County Zoo
Central Park Zoo
Claws N Paws Zoo
Como Park Zoo
Philly Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo
Turtle Back Zoo
Native American Art & Artistry
Patterns in Architecture
New Jersey Landscapes
Historic New Jersey
Thomas Alva Edison Site and House
Fosterfields Farm
Space Farms Museum & Zoo
The Stone Museum, Monroe, NJ
Pennsylvania National Fire Museum, Harrisburg, PA
Appalachian Trail Boardwalk (Sussex County, NJ)
Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
Duke Estates, Hillsborough, NJ
Old Schoolhouses (Mostly in New Jersey)
Old Fire Stations
Waterloo Village (Morris County, New Jersey)
Down and Out in New Jersey - Abandoned Things in the Garden State
Old Boonton Rail Station
Winslow Junction, NJ
Gingerbread Castle and Wheatsworth Mills
Various Abandoned Buildings
Saint Paul's Abbey, Newton, NJ - Abandoned in Plain Sight

Twin Pine Airport, Pennington, NJ (N75)
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Old Fire Engines and Ladders
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