Random shots in and around Edgecombe County, NC. of the small towns and crossroad communities, farm houses, old abandoned houses, country stores, barns, old school houses, unique rural outbuildings, farm animals, rural buildings and countryside scenes.
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Edgecombe Rural Scenes, Towns and Communities, Buildings, Country Stores, Old Schools, Farm Houses and Farms: Edgecombe County, North Carolinaa set by EdgecombePlanter
852 photos

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Coolmore Plantation, Edgecombe County, NC
The Secret Victorian Mansion
The Barracks (William Smith Battle House): Tarboro, Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Confederate Fort Branch on a Fine Fall Re-enactment Day: Hamilton Vicinity, Martin County, North Carolina
Mr. Atlas Smith's Simple Country Farm House: Central Nash County, North Carolina
"Sugarbud" Williams and His House: Norfleet Vicinity, Halifax County, North Carolina
The Old Sharecropper's House: Abandoned in Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Miranda's World: Dogtown Vicinity, Edgecombe County, North Carolina
An Abandoned Federal/Greek Revival Plantation House: Edgecombe County, North Carolina

Photographs As Poster Art
Photos in the Fog
Federal Farmhouse: Eastern North Carolina
Interior Photos in Abandoned Houses
A Study of The Linear Greek Revival Cottage and Its Outbuildings: Cobbs Crossroads, Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Halloween 2012: Creepy, Ghostly, Gory, Ghoulish and Downright Weird Photos for Halloween
Cemetery Art and the Halloween Season
Harvesting Tobacco at Riela Farm: Wiggins Crossroads, Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Piney Prospect, ca. 1790 and 1820: Edgecombe County, North Carolina
The Last Stand: A Greek Revival Cottage Damaged By Hurricane Irene
Planting Tobacco: Riela Farm, Wiggins Crossroads, Edgecombe County, NC
Moody and Artistic Scenes and Shots: Making a Statement
Going Gaga for Photos With Two Colors
Old Time Farm Day at the Dail Farm: Conetoe Vicinity, Edgecombe County, NC
Plow Day at the Boseman Farm: Edgecombe County, NC
Wisteria in a Carolina Spring
Two Abandoned Greek Revival Cottages: In and Around Tarboro, North Carolina
Spring at Calvary Episcopal Churchyard: Tarboro, North Carolina
St. Clement's Episcopal Church: Ringwood, Halifax County, NC
Bellamy Lake on Fishing Creek--Halifax and Nash Counties, North Carolina
Study of an Abandoned Carolina Coastal Cottage in Eastern North Carolina
Sunset at Adelphia Plantation: Wiggins Crossroads, Edgecombe County, NC
The Falls of the Tar River: Rocky Mount, NC
Spooky and Creepy Photos for Halloween
Study of a Late Greek Revival Farm House: Edgecombe County, NC
Picking Cotton at Great Uncle Fred's Riela Farm: Edgecombe County, NC
King Cotton at Adelphia Plantation: Wiggins Crossroads, Edgecombe County, NC
Shooting the Moon
Rural Landscapes and Seasonal Images
Tarboro Historic Homes and Buildings: Tarboro, North Carolina
Tarboro Historic Commercial and Institutional Buildings, Views and Signs: Tarboro, Edgecombe County, NC
Colonial Tarboro Town Common: Tarboro, North Carolina
General Thomas Blount House (The Grove), ca. 1808: Tarboro, NC
Calvary Episcopal Church and Churchyard--Tarboro, North Carolina
Edgecombe Historic Homes and Buildings: Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Edgecombe Rural Scenes, Towns and Communities, Buildings, Country Stores, Old Schools, Farm Houses and Farms: Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Edgecombe Rural Churches, Cemeteries and Country Graveyards: Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Harvesting Peanuts in Edgecombe County, NC
Harvesting Sweet Potatoes: McKendree Church Road, Edgecombe County, NC
Bracebridge Hall (NC Governor Elias Carr Home), ca. 1815 and 1838: Old Sparta Vicinity, Edgecombe County, NC
Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church and Old Town Cemetery, Tarboro, North Carolina
Tarboro Primitive Baptist Church: Tarboro, NC
Scenes of Greenwood Cemetery--Established in 1906: Tarboro, NC
An Old Federal House: Edgecombe County, NC
The Wells Draughon House and Plantation Complex: Draughn Vicinity, Edgecombe County, NC
Mount Moriah: A Study of One of the Last, Great Unrestored Antebellum Edgecombe County, NC Houses
The Old Macclesfield Jail House: Macclesfield, Edgecombe County, NC
The Old Jenkins Homeplace, ca. 1820: Walkers Crossroads Vicinity, Edgecombe County, NC
Ollen Cobb House and Complex of Early Buildings: Pitt County, NC at the Edgecombe County Line
Daughtridge Farm House and Farm Complex Study: Western Edgecombe County, NC
The Great Old Barns and Sheds of Piney Grove Farm: Coakley Vicinity, Edgecombe County, NC
People of Edgecombe County (Plus a Few More...)
A Day of Fishing on the Tar River: Shiloh Landing, Edgecombe County, NC
Old Cars, Trucks, Equipment and Machinery: In and Around Edgecombe County, NC
Abandoned Houses Outside of Edgecombe County: Studies in Color, Lighting and Moods
Studies of Historic Abandoned Houses and Buildings: Edgecombe County, NC
Old Cherry Hill Cemetery Above the River: Greenville, Pitt County, NC
Adelphia Plantation: Edgecombe County, NC
The Good People Who Worked at Adelphia (1870's-2000's): Adelphia Plantation, Edgecombe County, NC
Flowers and Gardens of Adelphia Plantation: Wiggins Crossroads, South of Tarboro, NC
Spring Flowers 2013: Edgecombe County, North Carolina
The Pets and Critters of Adelphia: Wiggins Crossroads, Edgecombe County, NC
Sherrod and Purvis Family Houses and Farms: Hamilton Vicinity, Martin County, NC
Historic Photos of People and Places of Northeastern NC