Less than ten minutes from my home is the house of Dr. Samuel Mudd, the doctor who fixed the leg of John Wilkes Booth following his assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. For more on Mudd and the fascinating Civil War history about the place, visit here.
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Dr. Mudd House's Victorian Christmasa set by writemeg
48 photos

Fourth of July 2016
Sotterley Plantation
Cherry blossoms 2016
Christmas 2015
Fall walk
Oliver - Week 24
Charles County Fair '15
Book baby shower
First anniversary in Luray
Halloween 2014
Fall at Gilbert Run '14
Georgetown photo walk
Charles County Fair '14
Mt. Vernon - summer
Family crab feast in Lake Anna
Blue Ridge balloon ride
Steak and veggie soup
Hetch Hetchy
Yosemite 2014
Sequoia National Park
San Francisco 2014
Gardens at Lewis Ginter
Lincoln tour around D.C.
Spring sunset
Niagara-on-the-Lake weekend
Ryleigh's first birthday
Irish soda bread muffins
Washington Birthplace Monument
Banana nut muffins
Cookie exchange '13
Christmas 2013
Calvert winter sunset
Christmas Market
Thanksgiving 2013
Honeymoon in West Virginia
Our Wedding - details
Gilbert Run, pumpkin patch 2013
Sotterley WineFest '13
Pumpkin whoopie pies
Katie's Bachelorette
Labor Day in WNY '13
Dinner party with Jen + Dave
Lighthouse cruise
Berryville sunrise, produce
Crabs and birthdays 2013
Sunflowers 2013
Fireworks at Blue Crabs
Mount Vernon on Fourth of July
OBX 2013
personal favorites
Capitol Hill tour
Memorial Day in New York
Dumbarton Oaks
Mike and Bethany's wedding
Bethany's bridal shower
Cherry blossoms '13
Georgetown walk
Walk around Washington
Early spring in Annapolis
Cinnamon roll cupcakes
Alexandria photo walk
Katie dress shopping
Wedding prep
Karen's baby shower
First snow of January
Swan Point
New Year's in New York
Christmas '12
We're engaged!
Dr. Mudd House Christmas
Flat Iron Farm Christmas
Spencer's Christmas tree '12
Christmas tree '12
Thanksgiving 2012
Halloween, Birthdays 2012
Ren Fest '12
Fall at Gilbert Run Park
Graves Mountain Apple Festival
Capitol / D.C. in fall
Spider Hall Farm picnic
pumpkin spice cupcakes
Corn and apple muffins
Pumpkins and mums
Full moon
Photog boot camp
Rainbow over Southern Maryland
National Book Festival '12
Charles County Fair '12
pumpkin pie cupcakes
Lane's fourth birthday
La Plata Chili Cook-Off '12
WNY 2012
Nightstand renovation
Sunflower field
Ben's Birthday in Virginia
Chocolate fudge cookies
Berryville and Bluemont
Birthday food
Birthdays 2012
Cherry almond cobbler
Crab cakes and Spanish green beans
Family reunion crab feast
Sunrise at Flag Ponds
Fourth of July '12
Port Tobacco Pickers at Town Hall
Blue velvet cupcakes
San Francisco (pt. 2)
OBX 2012
San Juan Bautista, Merced
Snickerdoodle cupcakes
Yosemite National Park
Mono Lake
Lake Tahoe
Balloon ride in Napa
Wine Country, California
San Francisco
Club at Annmarie Garden
Arlington Cemetery in spring
Relay for Life - Charles County '12
New York "Newsies" weekend
Dupont & Science Festival
almond bars
Botanic Garden in D.C.
Maw Maw's surprise party
Easter 2012
Boat ride on the Washington Channel
Mom's birthday / Masonic Memorial
Second anniversary in Fredericksburg
Cherry blossoms II (2012)
Cherry blossoms 2012
Spring in bloom
Spring in Alexandria
Dark chocolate Guinness cupcakes
Leonardtown walk and winery
red velvet cheesecake cupcakes
Sunrise at Cove Point
orange angel food cupcakes
2012: 366
New Year's in North Beach
Christmas Day '11
Holiday dress-up and arts supplies
Holiday baking '11
Spencer's tree and work pot luck
Merrifield Garden
Garden In Lights
Swedish potatoes
Christmas 2011
Thanksgiving 2011
Pumpkin chip cookies
Halloween 2011
Homemade pumpkin pie
La Plata Fall Festival '11
Oyster Fest '11 and Ye Coole Springs
Hanson concert - Oct. 19, 2011
Fall mums and pumpkin patch
Pink Ladies
Fall corn maze
Vineyard hopping for Erin's bachelorette
Photography Club picnic
Gilbert Run Park
Pumpkin ginger cupcakes
Booth tour and National Book Festival '11
Calvert Cliffs and Artsfest
Charles County Fair 2011
Pumpkin pie mousse
Matt and Erin's wedding
Labor Day weekend in New York
scary clouds
Outer Banks '11
Nicole Atkins in D.C.
Great Falls, Virginia
Dad's birthday in Ocean City
My 26th birthday
National Harbor and Alexandria
Thomas Stone National Historic Site
Running Hare Vineyard
Tupperware party
Fourth of July in St. Mary's
Storm & concert in La Plata
Spencer's new home
Erin's Bridal Shower
Eric's College Graduation
Eric's graduation party at Point Lookout
Calvert Wine & Arts Fest '11
Bath, Salisbury and London, England
Grasmere & English countryside
Stratford-upon-Avon, York and Leeds
Adventures of Mimi & Rose
mint chocolate cupcakes
almond lemon cookies
Cherry Blossoms 2011
Mom's birthday 2011
Mexican chocolate cupcakes
One year anniversary
D.C. Photo Safari
cherry tree
Nicole Atkins at the Rock N Roll Hotel
D.C. monuments -- field trip
Walkin' around Alexandria
Valentine's Day '11
Valentine's cupcakes II
pistachio cake
Katie and valentine cupcakes
ricotta cheesecake cupcakes
Chicken satay & peanut sauce
Sock monkey love
Annapolis in winter
National Air and Space Museum -- Udvar-Hazy Center
Winter in Niagara / New York
gingerbread house
Christmas! '10
Holiday office decorating '10
Cookie Exchange '10
Christmas presents & anniversary
Christmas at the U.S. Botanic Garden
holiday presentation
baking cookies: peanut butter and cardamom
Christmastime '10
Dr. Mudd House's Victorian Christmas
hot chocolate cupcakes
Hospice Festival of Trees '10
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving baking
Ye Coole Springs
Southern Maryland ham stuffing
write meg! graphics
Erin & Matt -- engagement photos!
Hanson! Nov. 13 in Baltimore
La Plata Veteran's Day Parade
hot bacon dip
pumpkin carving
Fall leaves and the Festival of Scarecrows
USA Science & Engineering Festival
Mini pumpkin cupcakes
Pumpkin patch '10
October birthdays
St. Mary's County Oyster Festival
Blazing bonfire
slipper and heel
Oct. 12
sweet potato pie
The Great Closet Caper Weekend
Riverside at Teddie's
Riverside WineFest '10
Pumpkin spice cookies
Georgetown Cupcake
National Book Festival '10
six month anniversary :)
Last Nats game
War of 1812 reenactment & Charles County Fair 2010
Postcrossing postcards
Farm Festival '10 and Gettysburg
Calvert Photography Club
Weekend in Western New York
The Great Cupcake Disaster
chicken scallopine
pina colada cupcakes
Saturday in St. Mary's
Smallwood State Park
St. Ignatius Catholic Church
Kate's birthday and family party
Brookside Gardens
my 25th birthday
key lime cupcakes
summer pool party
Charlotte Hall house
OBX '10
U.S. Botanic Garden in D.C.
New York, New York
Katie's college graduation
Spencer's birthday
The Pioneer Woman book signing
macaroon making
Cherry Blossoms '10
Mom's Surprise 50th Birthday
D.C. with the girls
John Mayer in D.C.
Snowpocalypse '10
s'mores cupcakes
Christmas at Homestead Gardens
California '09
National Book Festival '09
Arlington National Cemetery / D.C.
birthdays '09
Outer Banks '09
Gardens at Hyde Park
London Weekend '09!
the woods are lovely
London '07
Mother's Day in Annapolis
Kings Dominion -- May '09
Europe '07
Picnik / edited
black and white / selective color
BookMooch journals
Easter '09
the office
paper crafts
books & words
that was delicious!
cherry blossoms '09
photography class
all around
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