Some old postcards and a stray photo
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Mt Beacon Incline Railwaya set by caboose_rodeo
19 photos

RHS Holiday Train Shows
Southampton NY Old Burying Ground
Some Random CSX Train
Tappen Reformed Church Cemetery
Clarkstown Reformed Church
Hudson River Ice 2014
2015 Dutchess County Fair
2015 Goshen CT Fair
Lime Rock
"Uncle Dan" 1928 American LaFrance
Saturday Night Storm
Troop 2 Norwalk CT Pine Island
Coachman Rod & Custom Car Show
2015 Lime Rock Historic Festival
Old South Burying Ground; Berlin CT
Manhole Covers with Dates
Beverage Art
A House; Razed March 2016
RHS Chili Fest 2015
Diana Nyad at The Wilton Library
Just Rabbits
Stone Carver Michael Baldwin
Sono Arts Festival 2015
Black Lillies August 16, 2015
The English Beat; August 9, 2015
Dead Danskos
Greenwich Polo June 7, 2015
Flowers of Spring
Tarrytown Music Hall
SPRING 2015!
A Day on The Hudson
Caffeine & Carburetors
Graphic Non-Fiction
What Does That Sign Say?
Pesky Squirrels
Old St Peter's Cemetery
A View From Hickory Bluff
Winter 2015
Farm Creek Preserve
The Rock Farm
NYBG Holiday Train Show 2014-15
Death Becomes Her
RMNE's Northern Lights Limited 2014
Amusing The Masses on Coney Island and Beyond
Green-Wood Cemetery
2014 RHS Holiday Open House
Around New York
RAC Holiday Gift Show 2014
People's Climate March
Houses of Worship in Norwalk CT
Metro-North Railroad Charter Trip November 8, 2014
Stuff Around The House
How To Make Art
The Curious Incident of The Flare In The Recycling Bin At Night
NHS Presents A Haunting at Mill Hill
Owney The RPO Dog
RAC Arts & Ends Sale
West Conn NRHS Picnic 2014
The High Line Section 3; in 2010 and 2014
The High Line; Section 3
Theatre in The Woods
Playland 2014
22nd Annual North River Tug Boat Races
Westport CT
Seaside Heights NJ
Wildwood, NJ 2014
Approaching Storm
2011 Memorial Day Parade
Freese Park Artist Village
2014 Memorial Day Parade Rowayton CT
RHS in the 2014 Memorial Day Parade
RAC at The 2014 Memorial Day Parade
2014 Memorial Day Parade RFD Edition
Rowayton & The Purple Crayon
Brendan's 101
Are You My Lion?
Southington CT South End Burying Ground
Iceboats at Astor Point
the pot hole
NHS Historical "Hysterical" Hat Party!
Winter 2013-2014
2013 Edition of The New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show
Walking Around New York In The Rain
The High Line 2013/Rain
One Day In Norwalk CT
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Grand Central Terminal
Jack Frost
off to manhattan
New Haven CT 2013
Grove St Cemetery New Haven CT 2013
Dredging the Norwalk River
Brendan's 101 Ball Drop 2013-14
RMNE Santa Express & The Northern Lights Limited 2013
Decorated Dogs
Nellie a Wonderful Poodle
2013 RHS Open House & Bazaar
2013 RHS Open House & Train Show
2013 RCA Santa Run
Kyle & Keith's Wedding
Lakeview Cemetery Bridgeport CT
Their Name Starts With The Letter Z
Bridgeport Art Trail
Steam in Marble
GCT Parade of Trains
Lost Tracks Trolley Tour
Norwalk Oyster Festival 2013
The Lone Bellow
Rowayton Arts Center
Playland 2013!
Johnny Winter @ Pinkney Park
Stone Harbor 2013
Wildwood NJ 2013
2013 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Norwalk Art Festival
Clearwater's 2013 Great Hudson River Revival
art about town
Memorial Day Parade Norwalk CT 2013
Toby the Flying Poodle!
Flowering Trees & Shrubs
St. James' Churchyard
Before and After at Pine Island Cemetery
Carousels, Merry-Go Rounds and
Demolition of White Bridge
West Cedar St Bridge
Poodle USB Hub
Switching Artifacts
Eastbury Cemetery Glastonbury CT
Stuffed Around the House
BLIZZARD! 2/8/2013
Grand Central Terminal Centennial Celebration 2/1/2013
NY Banjo Summit
New Year's Eve at Brendan's 101!
Thanksgiving in Maine 2012
RMNE Santa Express & Northern Lights Limited 2012
2012 RHS Holiday Open House & Train Show
SoNo Marketplace
Rowayton Historical Society Train Show Preview 2012
Superstorm Sandy Oct. 29, 2012
2012 Berlin CT Fair
History You Can Own
When In Manhattan
2012 Durham CT Fair
PLAYLAND 2012 !!
Random Architecture
Laura Barton's Gallery
On Amtrak's Adirondack
RHS Five Mile River Guards
RHS Civil War Encampment
MOJO! 7/4/2012
MOJO 2012! A New York State of Mind
RHS Civil War Encampment
Roomful of Blues & The Mojomatics 8/26/2012
Chatham County Line 8/19/2012
Rockwell Gallery Westport CT
Stone Harbor People
Stone Harbor NJ
Goings on Around Westport CT
Exit 14 Norwalk CT
Stone Harbor NJ 2012
Greater Norwalk Arts Council Launch Party!
Potato Cannon!
Where Toby Makes a Mess
Anthem; RCA Summer Music Festival
People with Cell Phones
Roton Point History Day 2012
RHS Chili Throwdown 2011
NRBQ at Bayley Beach Rowayton CT
Pictures that have been Googled
Old City Hall Station
Rowayton Historical Society
Farmer's Market Rowayton CT
License Plates
Fisker Karma
Memorial Day Parade Rowayton CT 2012
On A Walk
New New Bug & Old New Bug
"Not in Set"
Benny Has a Little Brother
Breakfast with a Garter Snake
Super Moon
A Wedding Party
Vintage Ads
The New Yorker
Not Your Average Letter Opener
Crossing at Science Road
Critters at the Cemetery
Center for Comtemporary Printmaking
CGN Symposium 2012
Art I Have Purchased
How 2 Wilson Avenue became 8 Wilson Avenue
Kings Highway Cemetery
Confusing Headstones
Old Center Cemetery West Hartford CT
The Norwalk Museum
Espresso Book Machine
Beverage Art
Welcome to Project Fail!
Miss Colombia
Sarah Lewis 1756, Fairfield CT Old Cemetery
So There's This Hawk...
Oscar the Cat Visits RAC!
Quite a Day for Clouds
54th Mass. Vols
United States Colored Troops
Evergreen Cemetery New Haven CT
Weird Products
New Puppy in Town
January at the Beach
Brendan's 101 Rowayton CT
Unusual Bird
Christmas Get Togethers
Manhole Covers
RMNE Santa Express & Northern Lights Limited
RMNE Santa Express & Northern Lights Limited
Mischief December
2011 RHS Holiday Open House
Vintage Rowayton CT
Oak Knoll Cemetery Palmer MA
Thanksgiving in Maine 2011
The Clearwater at Norwalk Cove Marina
Harvest Hills Animal Shelter Fryeburg Maine
Washington Street Cemetery Middletown CT
Dollar Store
l'il baby squirrels
On Amtrak's Adirondack
Postcards of Saratoga Springs NY
The Dog Park
Civil War Veterans from Rowayton who are Buried Elsewhere
October 2011 Nor'easter
Register to VOTE!
Caravan of Thieves
Amtrak's Adirondack
Possible Civil War Veterans
A Haunting At Mill Hill
Andy Garfunkel is Everywhere
In The Demolition Zone
One Word Headstones
Southington CT South End Burying Ground
Insects or Bugs
Westchester CT Center Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery East Hampton CT
Stone Carver John Johnson of Durham CT
Clearance 11'-1"
Their Names Start with the Letter "Z"
Hamden Plains Cemetery Hamden CT
Remington Rand Norwalk CT
Mt Carmel Burying Ground Handen CT
Nash Engineering Norwalk CT
Norwalk Quilt Trail; AIDS Memorial Quilt
2011 Berlin CT Fair
Durham CT Center Cemetery
2011 Durham CT Fair
Congregational Church Cemetery North Branford CT
Best of The Tympanums
Riverview Cemetery East Haddam CT
Farmington CT Old Main Cemetery
Which Ones Should I Frame?
Ambler Farm Wilton CT
Nathan Hale Monument
Norwalk Museum
Newtown CT Village Center Cemetery
2011 Quassy Swim Festival
John Hammond 8/21/2011
Hurricane Irene 8/29/2011
South Cemetery Bridgewater CT
2011 Bridgewater CT Fair
2011 Rowayton River Ramble
Chatham County Line 8/14/2011
Pat McGee Band 7/24/2011
Coachman Rod & Custom Car Show August 10, 2011
Rowayton Historical Society Fundraiser
Stone Harbor NJ 2011
SoNo Arts Celebration 2011
The mARTket
SoNo Switch Tower Museum/SoNo Arts 2011
Rockwell Emplorium
Goings on at the SoNo Switch Tower Museum
Mystic Bowie 7/17/2011
Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train
More Flynn the Cat
The Samples 7/10/2011 at Bayley Beach
2011 Round Hill Highland Games
2011 Westport CT Fireworks
Eric Lindell 6/26/2011 RCA Summer Music Festival
Roton Point Book
Branchville CT Mines
Rowayton Civil War Veterans
2011 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Peace by Piece Show
Showtime in SoNo
NHS Taste of History Civil War Food Challenge
BMHS Senior Prom 2011
People With Unusual Names
Pine Island Cemetery; Stones to be Repaired
Plymouth CT Burying Ground
Flagg Coal 75 at the RMNE
More Harry the Cat
BMHS Girls Lacrosse 2011
Norwalk Quilt Trail Opening at the Norwalk Historical Society
Pine Island Cemetery Cleanup by Troop 2 Rowayton CT
Poughkeepsie NY Jewish Cemeteries
Norwalk Quilt Trail Exhibit Opening at the Rowayton Historical Society
Toby & Cooper
Hyde Park & Staatsburg
Harry; new cat in town
Norwalk Quilt Trail
Bald Eagle Pair
Easter 2011 at Pine Island Cemetery
Gas Prices in Connecticut!
American Folk Art Museum
Rockwell Gallery New Canaan CT
Norwalk Quilt Trail
Flowers and Other Plants
Rowayton Avenue Underpass
Infinite Variety
New York Central 3 Private Varnish
Toby the Poodle
Poodle Posing Block
Grand Central Terminal
Quick trip to The City
Center Cemetery East Hartford CT
1847 Norwalk Autograph Quilt
Green Cemetery Glastonbury CT
CGN Symposium 2011
Old Croton Aqueduct
Hudson River Winter
Peace by Piece
Rockwell Gallery Westport CT
I Like Ice
Rowayton Historical Society
Zoology 101: NCC Art Gallery
Old Sturbridge Village
Seeley Dibble Pinkney House
Things Change
Winter 2010/11; The Calm Before Storm #8
Sharp-Shinned Hawk
San Francisco
Sunset at Rowayton
Old Postcards of Maine
Coney Island Postcards
Old Postcards of Connecticut Towns
Snowstorm #3; The Day After
Jan. 12, 2011 Snowstorm
Stepping Stones Museum Community Night
A Walk in Rowayton January 2011
Cooper the Bulldog
Palisado Cemetery Windsor CT
Flynn, New Cat on The Block
New Years Day 2011
Brendan's 101
Mt Beacon Incline Railway
Boxing Day Blizzard!
Railroad Related Postcards
Rowayton CT 2006-
NYBG Holiday Train Show 2010
Trip to Olana
Hudson City Cemetery
Railroad Museum of New England Holiday Trains
Rockwell Gallery Opening & Ridgefield Holiday Stroll 2010
2010 Rowayton Historical Society Holiday Open House
From an Old Album
Thanksgiving in Maine 2010
Greenridge Cemetery Saratoga Springs NY
Irises in October! And November!
We The Peeples
Veterans Interred in Rowayton Cemeteries
Fall Field Day 2010
Rowayton Historical Society Nov. 7, 2010
Coney Island on Halloween 2010
Just Dogs
Blizzard Rowayton CT
Rachel & Angel; Clydesdales!
Southport Congregational Church Quilt Exhibit
Rowayton Historical Society
Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse
The High Line Section 3 in 2010
344. Spring Grove Veteran's Cemetery Darien CT
St. John Cemetery Darien CT
Stone Harbor NJ 1997
Monhegan Maine
Manhattan Hodge Podge
New York City Marble Cemetery
Canaan Railroad Days 2010
2010 Harwinton CT Fair
Raymond Cemetery Tour 9/26/2010
The Odd Tower of New Canaan CT
Canoe Hill Cemetery New Canaan CT
Mojo 2010! The British Invasion!
Rowayton Art Center's 50th Anniversary Party
The High Line Gallery
The High Line (mostly)
Coachman Rod & Custom Car Show September 1, 2010
Party on The Porch
1st Annual Steeple Chase & Fox Hunt
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks 8/22/2010 at the RCA Summer Music Festival
Saint Paul's Church & Cemetery Eastchester Mount Vernon NY
Bayley Beach
Prairie Home Companion at The Ives Center in Danbury CT
Sono Switch Tower People
Sono Arts Festival 2010
Beacon Sloop Club Corn Festival
Playland Rye NY
We Love Beacon NY!
Coachman Rod & Custom Car Show August 11, 2010
Liquorcake & Jypsi RCA Summer Music Festival 2010
Stone Harbor 2010
Norwalk Historical Society Independence Day 2010
John Brown's Body 7/11/2010 RCA Summer Music Festival
87th Annual Round Hill Highland Games Norwalk CT
Pick one (or two)
SUNSETS! 2004-
Calf Pasture Beach Car Shows Norwalk CT 2010
2010 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Coney Island 2010
Flagg Coal 75 Visits the RMNE 2010
Hartford CT
Ancient Burying Ground Hartford CT
Bushnell Park Carousel Hartford CT
Skidmore College Reunion 2010
Skidmore College Saratoga Springs NY
Gideon Putnam Burying Ground
Taffy and the Kitty
Georgetown CT May 2010
Zion's Hill United Methodist Church & Cemetery
A Stroll Through SoNo May 2010
Mutt on the Branch!
Just Cats
Willowbrook Cemetery Westport Ct
Stone Carver Edmund Price
Evergreen Cemetery Westport CT
Light Shows
Hamden CT Central Burying Ground
2010 CNE Tour
North Haven CT Old Cemetery
Jewish Cemeteries Fairfield CT
Greenfield Hill Cemetery Fairfield CT
OTHER Tympanums!!!!
Railroad Stuff
Newington CT Center Cemetery
Simsbury CT Old Cemetery
Cedar Hill Cemetery Hartford CT
Thinking About Framing
Old Sturbridge Village
Churches and Steeples
Stone Carver Ebenezer DRAKE
Jonathan Edwards Cemetery South Windsor CT
New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 12.2009 & 1.2010
Coney Island Polar Bear Club New Years Dip 2010
New Years Eve 2009
RMNE's Northern Lights Express...
Sono Holiday Stroll 2009
Opening at The High Line Gallery; 12.10.2009
Light Up Rowayton 2009
Thanksgiving in Maine 2009
Harvest Hills Animal Shelter Fryeburg ME
Village Cemetery Fryeburg ME
Fairfield Gallery & Frame/Rockwell Gallery
Wooster Cemetery Danbury CT
Election Day!
Stamford CT
Farm Creek Preserve Discovery Day III
Art Spot at the Sono Station Cafe
New Milford CT Center Cemetery
Flower Headstones 2009-
Daughters of the American Revolution DAR
Paintings for Farm Creek Oct. 2009
Cloud Rodeo
Roton Middle School Fair Norwalk CT
Main Street Ridgefield CT
Building with Linda
RMNE Harvest Pumpkin Festival Rides
Christ Church Episcopal Cemetery
Stratford CT Congregational Burying Ground
Congress Park Saratoga Springs NY
Congress Park Carousel Saratoga Springs NY
Spirit of Life
Danbury Railway Museum
Susan's Opening at 101
UConn Storrs CT
Old Storrs CT Cemetery
People with Unusual Names
Nathan Hale Cemetery Coventry CT
Young Russian Dancers
Dog Mania!
Walkway Over the Hudson 10.2.2009
29th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers; African-American Troops of the Civil War
Portrait Stones
Center St Cemetery Wallingford CT
Broad St Cemetery Meriden CT
Sky and Tent
Westchester County NY Cemeteries
2009 Norwalk CT Oyster Festival
A Day Out With Naugy
The Rowayton Historical Society is 50!
More Manhattan
The High Line NYC
The High Line Gallery
Dutch Vessels at the Tappan Zee
Rowayton Historical Society's History Day
Old Family Photos
The Radiators 9/6/2009 Bayley Beach Rowayton CT
Rowayton Historical Society
Coachmen Rod & Custom Calf Pasture Beach Norwalk CT 9/2/2009
Cromwell CT Old Burying Ground
DOWT at RMNE Thomaston CT 2009
Stone Harbor NJ 2009
Coney Island
Stone Carver Solomon Brewer
Stone Carver John Zuricher
Sleepy Hollow NY Cemetery
Angel Medallions
Sono Arts Festival 2009
Pine Island Tympanums
MOJO 2009! Woodstock 40th Anniversary Concert
Rocky Hill Ct Center Cemetery
Burning and Battle of Norwalk
Burning of Fairfield July 1779
Those Cats
Roton Point History Day 2009
2009 Pine Island Cemetery Tour
2001 Pine Island Cemetery Tour
Norwalk Museum
Hoyt-Bouton Cemetery
Pleasure Beach Carousel Building 1905-2009
Playland Horses
Central Park Carousel
Pine Island Cemetery Norwalk CT
Beardsley Park Zoo Bridgeport CT
St. Paul's on The Green
2009 Norwalk Memorial Day Parade
Norwalk Historical Society
Taffy, New Poodle on the Block.
A Hair-Brained Idea
Gallaher Estate Norwalk CT
Bridgeport CT
Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday/The Clearwater Concert
Lakeview Cemetery New Canaan CT
Pine Island Cemetery; The Hoyt Family
Pine Island Cemetery Clean Up day
Pine Island Cemetery Clean Up Day II
Brendan's 101 Rowayton CT
Van Cortlandtville Cemetery NY
Cold Spring NY Cemetery
Center Church Crypt New Haven CT
Independent Stamford Lodge Cemetery Darien CT
Pine Island Cemetery After 1935
Tibetan Monks at the Friends Meeting House in Wilton CT
Tomac Cemetery Old Greenwich CT
Old Greenwich Train Show
Holy Ghost Fathers and Brothers Cemetery Norwalk CT
Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Norwalk CT
Gershom Raymond II House circa 1790
Rowayton Arts Center
Raymond Cemetery Rowayton Connecticut
Brooks Family at Pine Island Cemetery
Old Stuff
The Big E 2009
The Pond 2009
Phineas Hill Stone Carver
Coney Island Polar Bear Dip 2009
Ridgefield CT Cemeteries
East Norwalk CT Historic Cemetery
Pine Island Cemetery Marble Stones
Newtown CT Cemeteries Nov. 2008-
New York City Islands
Adopt a Cat!
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
2008 NHRHTA Reunion
Jewish Cemeteries
Photo Ceramics
Stonecutter and Quarry Marks
Monroe Ct Cemeteries
Working Harbor Committee
P&W Fall Tour/Mass Bay RRE
Newtown CT
Easton CT Union Cemetery
Housatonic Rail Trail
White Hills Cemetery Shelton CT
St. Peter Cemetery Danbury CT
Norwichtown CT Old Burying Ground
Stone Carver Thomas GOLD
West Haven CT
Painted Trains
Bear MT Merry-Go-Round
Harrisburg PA Trip
Black & White
Milford CT Cemetery
Cemetery Assortment
Hodge Podge
2008 Lime Rock Vintage Weekend
Playland! 2007-2009
Stone Harbor NJ 2007 & 2008
Lighthouse Point Park
Pine Island Cemetery; Sammis Family
Coachman Rod & Custom Car Show at Calf Pasture Beach 2008
Coney Island 2007
2008 Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Pictures You Should Look AT
VW Bugs
New York Harbor Rail-Marine Cruise
Tower Optical
Cemeteries of Lower Manhattan
Coney Island USA Spring Gala
Memorial Day Parade Norwalk CT 2008
Grove St Cemetery New Haven CT
Yantic Cemetery Norwich CT
Memorial Day Parade Rowayton CT 2008
17th Regt CONN VOLS
New Haven CT Graffiti
Fleet Week!
Le Carrousel Bryant Park
Carousel Creatures
Geodesic Dome Norwalk CT
Fodor Farm Norwalk CT
Broken Stones At Pine Island Cemetery
The Best of Pine Island Cemetery
Unearthed at Pine Island Cemetery
5th Connecticut Regiment
WestConn NRHS Trip 2008
Pine Island Cemetery
Beardsley Park Zoo Bridgeport CT
Noroton River Graveyard 1732-1927
CGN Symposium 2008
bk bridge
Long Beach West Stratford CT
Pleasure Beach
Easter at Pine Island Cemetery
Open House NY 2007
Sandstone at Pine Island Cemetery
Pine Island Cemetery Slate Headstones
Spring Grove Cemetery
St. Mary's Cemetery
Long Ridge Union Cemetery
New London Antientist Cemetery
Yorktown NY Cemetery
Stratford Union Cemetery
Silvermine CT Cemetery
Southbury CT White Oak Cemetery
Old Wethersfield Cemetery
Green Cemetery Glastonbury CT
Stratfield Cemetery
Durham CT Old Cemetery
Civil War Soldiers
Union Cemetery Rowayton CT
Mountain Grove Cemetery
Pine Island Cemetery; The Day Family
Pine Island Civil War Soldiers
Woodmen of the World
The Big E (2008 Edition)
CT Flickr Meet Up Jan. 13, 2008
Brookside Cemetery Norwalk CT
Mill Hill Cemetery Norwalk CT
Sparta Cemetery Ossining NY
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Croton Colonial Diner
Southport CT Train Station
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Coney Island Polar Bear Swim 2008
Portsmouth NH Cemetery
Orange CT Car Show 2007
Peaks Island Maine
Philadelphia Toboggan Company #15 Built 1907
St. Paul's Cemetery Norwalk CT
The 2007 Christmas Party
Bethel CT First Congregational Church Cemetery
Woodland Cemetery
RMNE Santa Express 2007
Casualties of War
Watertown CT Olde Cemetery
Danbury CT Wooster Street Cemetery
Pine Island Cemetery Norwalk Connecticut
Norwalk Union Cemetery
WestConnNRHS Trip 2007
Metro-North Railroad
Concours d'Elegance 2007
2007 Lime Rock Vintage Fest
Your Favorites!
Critters! 2006-
Lebanon CT Trumbull Cemetery
Mansfield Center CT Cemetery
Derby CT Colonial Cemetery
Artwork by Dana F. Laird
Monumental Bronze Co.
CGN Symposium 2004
Danbury Railway Museum
my favorites
My Most Viewed Images
Old Burying Ground Fairfield CT
Hillside Cemetery Cheshire CT
Farmington CT Old Main Cemetery "Memento Mori"
Greens Farms Lower Cemetery
Lebanon CT Exeter Cemetery
Hartford County, CT Cemeteries
Penn Central Lives!
"Heart" Stones
Huntington, CT
New York Cemeteries
Fairfield County Cemeteries
Signed Stones
Old Postcards of Norwalk CT
Iona Trestle
Trails and Rails
Automobiles, Trucks and a Stray Bus & some Planes
Stone Harbor 2006
Norwalk Cemeteries
Cause of Death
Norwalk Historical Society
Suffield CT
Suffield Old Cemetery
Enfield St. Cemetery
The Big E 2007
Fishkill Cemetery
Christmas 2006
Other Angles...
Railroad Museum of New England
Headstone Gallery
Train Stations
Switch Towers
Caboose Rodeo
Sono Switch Tower Museum
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