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Morris in Australiaa set by Sicnag
55 photos

Australian Ford Falcon and Fairmont
Oz Mainline, Customline, Fairlane
Australian Ford Falcon GTs and FPV
Other Aussie Fords
Holden of Australia 1948-78
Holden Commodore 1978-2017
Holden Monaro 1968-80, 2002-06
Holden Torana 1967-80
Other Australian GM Cars
Rootes and Chrysler Australia
BMC, Leyland Australia
AMI (Australian Motor Industries)
American Fords in Australia
Ford Mustangs in Australia from 1964
Ford Tbirds in Australia
American Ford Pickups
Mercury Lincoln Edsel in Australia
US Chrysler, Jeep, Desoto in Australia
Dodge in Australia
Plymouth in Australia
Chevrolet in Australia
Chev Camaros in Australia
Chev Corvettes in Australia
Chevrolet Pickups
Pontiac in Australia
Buick in Australia
Oldsmobile in Australia
Cadillac in Australia
Studebaker and Packard in Australia
American Motors in Oz
Other American built cars and trucks
AC, GT40, Lotus, Bolwell, Purvis
Ford Prefect, Anglia, Escort
Ford Consul, Zephyr, Zodiac, Transit
Ford Cortina, Corsair, Capri
Morris in Australia
Austin in Australia
Riley and Wolseley in Australia
Standard Triumph Cars in Australia
Rover in Australia
Jaguar, Daimler, Bentley, Rolls Royce
MG in Australia
Austin Healey in Australia
Aston Martin in Australia
Rootes Group in Australia
Vauxhall in Australia
Other English built cars and trucks
Japanese Cars
European Cars
Hot Rods
Cars Made Famous at the Movies
Old Race Cars
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