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HAK_mitinga set by NEWS.am
24 photos

Artsakh. Stepanakert
Kids of Karabakh's Martuni city
Vladimir Spivakov visits Yerevan Komitas Museum-Institute
Concert of Vladimir Spivakov in Yerevan
Annual “Flower Gathering” at Armenian Genocide Memorial
Bus explosion in Yerevan
II World Games of Young Compatriots kicks off in Russia
Armenian Genocide commemoration march in Sydney
April 24
Armenian Genocide 101st anniversary
Armenia President honors Genocide victims
Torchlight procession over Armenian Genocide
Aurora Dialogues underway in Yerevan
Armenia hosts 2nd Global Forum Against the Crime of Genocide
Russia FM visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Hands off Karabakh: Protest held in Yerevan
Charles Aznavour is in Yerevan
Yazidi genocide monument unveils in Yerevan
Armenia Cabinet meeting: Treatment of wounded soldiers on agenda
Frontline. tankers
19-year-old Armenian heroes of mortar battery
Russia senators commemorate Armenian Genocide victims
Wounded Armenian soldiers are optimistic
Yerevan: Armenia MPs and Russia senators discuss defense issues
Armenian positions in direction of Karabakh’s Talish village
Protest march to the Russian Embassy in Yerevan
Children of Karabakh’s Mataghis and Talish villages
Greece MP visits Yerevan military pantheon
March in Yerevan in memory of the victims of the Azerbaijani aggression
Press-conference of OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs in Yerevan
Protest outside Armenia MFA against international apathy toward Karabakh’s fate
Peaceful Karabakh village after Azerbaijan gunfire
Privet - Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev pays tribute to memory of Armenian Genocide victims
Armenian positions in direction of Karabakh’s Martuni
Serzh Sargsyan's visit to Germany
School where 12-year-old Vaghinak was killed by Azerbaijanis
Battle positions
Deputy Speaker of Israeli parliament visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Children wounded by Azerbaijani fire from ММ-21
Yerevan “goodfellas’” murder trial adjourns
Armenia President addresses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Easter Eve in Yerevan
Armenia President attends Easter Vigil Divine Liturgy
Iranians in Yerevan
ՖԱՖ շարժման երթը դեպի «Հանրապետական» ստադիոն
Armenia bids last farewell to Gegham Grigoryan
Armenia late PM Andranik Margaryan is remembered on anniversary of his passing
Requiem service for Gegham Grigoryan
Armenia parliamentary hearings on draft Electoral Code
German dogs: Tranquil “Apollos” of canine life
Palm Sunday 20 03 2016
President of Armenia in Cyprus
Quadruped “guards”: Canine “officers” on Armenia border
Russia State Duma chairman heads off from Armenia
Yerevan celebrates the International Women's Day on 8 of March
Women demand equal rights: March in Yerevan
Old doors of ancient Gyumri
Late Vazgen Sargsyan’s birth anniversary at Armenia military pantheon
Armenia businessmen call for declaring March 3 as Business Day
March in memory of March 1 tragedy victims
Federica Mogherini visits Armenia
Yerevan hosts international ministerial conference on public health
Ovsanna Mirkhanyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
Armenia political forces and NGOs discuss Electoral Code
Armenia activist Vardges Gaspari set free
Yerevan bazaar workers stage protest
Waiting for spring
RPA and ARF sign Agreement on Political Cooperation
Armenia MPs join journalists’ protest outside Parliament building
Sit-in in front of Nubarashen prison: Protestors demand to release political prisoners
Armenia Parliament debates on Ombudsman candidate
Arthur Baghdasaryan established new party: Armenian renaissance
Khachik Papisyan: Heriknaz Muradyan
Armenia Parliament considers separating territorial administration and emergency situations
Gevorg Safaryan not set free, activists throw eggs at court building
Yerevan celebrates Trndez
Khachik Papisyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
Armenia Parliament committee debates on Ombudsman candidate
Popular “Our Courtyard” Armenian comedy movie series after 19 years
Fire in Yerevan home, one person hospitalized
Sweden FM lays wreath at Armenian Genocide Monument
Requiem for the Armenian soldier killed by Azerbaijan
Armenian Apostolic Church celebrates Quinquagesima
Remaining “fragments” of Old Yerevan
The voice of an adventure seeker’s heart
First exhibition of student artists opens in Yerevan art college
Things from the pas (part 2)
"New Armenia" youth demand to set free Armenia political prisoner
Georgia Defense Minister pays official visit to Armenia
Armenia Parliament holds first session of 2016
Concert on Armenian Army Day 2016
Armenia and Karabakh senior officials visit Yerevan military pantheon
Yerevan march on Feast of St. Sargis
Arno Babajanian tomb is visited on great composer’s 95th birth anniversary
Arno Babajanian 95th anniversary
Armenia president awards 2015 State Award laureates
Fire on "Flesh's" fuel storage
Armenians preventing H1N1
Armenia opposition movement on Wednesday marks Old New Year at Liberty Square
Armenian military recruits
Gyumri family murder: One year later
Candlelight Divine Liturgy was served in Yerevan
Yerevan under the snow before New Year
Impressive moments of 2015 in NEWS.am photos
Christmas trees in Yerevan in 2016
North-West highway
Christmas beards
Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Iran discuss Electricity without Borders project
Old and new christmas tree ornaments
New Year festivities kicked off at Armenia presidential palace
Armenia President attends CSTO Collective Security Council session in Moscow
New Year Charity Run
"New Armenia" Front rally and march in Yerevan
Gyumri family murderer’s trial kicks off
New Armenia rally and march
People and their dogs
Human Rights Day march in Yerevan
Armenia Regional Development Fund turns 20
The joint opposition rally in Yerevan
Gyumri: 27 years after earthquake
Opposition march in Yerevan demanding cancelation of referendum results
Armenian political and official figures vote at Constitutional referendum
Armenia President votes in referendum on constitutional amendments
Armenia holds constitutional referendum
New Armenia rally and march: Day 4
"No" front rally and march
3rd day of “New Armenia” sit-in against constitutional amendments continues under falling snow
First Snow in Yerevan
"New Armenia" rally and march: Day 2
"New Armenia" march kicks off in Yerevan
"New Armenia" kicks off open-ended rally in Yerevan
Large Armenia family renovates home thanks to benefactors
Protest action in Yerevan
Football tournament in Yerevan in honour of the National Day of the UAE
Yerevan hosts Wine Tasting Fair
The armed group members arrested
367,000 small fish are released into Armenia’s Lake Sevan
Farewell to Varduhi Varderesyan
Requiem to Armenian actress Varduhi Varderesyan
Gang suspected of plotting major crime is detained in Yerevan
Armenian fans march in Yerevan demanding that Football Federation Head withdraw
Things from the past (part 1)
No front rally and march in Yerevan
Armenia taxi drivers demand change in licensing procedures
Funeral of three killed young men in Armenia's Hrazdan
Press conference of Deputy Assistant Secretary Bridget Brink
Brutally murdered Armenia man’s mother attacks accused persons
World Bank & Mission Armenia representatives’ visited Lori marz in the framework of "Strengthening the livelihood and voice of poor and vulnerable people in Armenia" project
Armenia constitutional amendments’ “Yes” and “No” reality TV show in regions
In the village
Armenia near France
Paris Attacks
Armenia mourns with France
Armenia military college first-year cadets take oath
Karabakh War veteran is laid to rest at Yerevan military pantheon
Armenian students
The pearl of Armenia
Border village pupils get tablets: NEWS.am charity action
Armenia marks Military Scouts’ Day
Moscow-Yerevan bus crash casualties’ bodies handed over to relatives
Those killed and heavily wounded in Armenian bus crash in Russia brought to Yerevan
Family members meet passengers who survived Armenian bus crash in Russia
The 3rd Anonymous march in Yerevan
Candle-lighting in Yerevan's Liberty Square in memory of Tula Tragedy victims
Moscow-Yerevan passenger bus crash site photos
Russia Federation Council chief visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Autumn in Armenia
Photos from Russian plane crash site in Egypt
Halloween in Yerevan
"No" front rally in Yerevan's Liberty Square
Visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to Georgia
President Sargsyan and Prince Charles attend Armenian Genocide commemoration ceremony
Members of Yerkrapah union and Defense Ministry officials visit military cemetery
Armenian MPs laid flowers to memorial of October 27 victims
Forgotten Armenian treasure: Gndevank
Press conference of James Warlick
“Yerevan Show” International Jewelry Exhibition opens in Armenia's capital
Yerevan hosts 3rd international conference of Moscow State Institute of International Relations graduates
Participants of 3rd international conference of Moscow State Institute of International Relations graduates pay tribute to Armenian Genocide victims
Arnie, Angel and other four-footed friends need help
Be Active, Live Healthy
Foreign embassies and international organizations in Armenia play football match
Trees planted to honor memory of first US Ambassador to Armenia
Serzh Sargsyan visited Syunik region
OIF delegations visit Armenian Genocide Memorial
The concert of Charles Aznavour in Yerevan
Exhibition of national games, costumes and cuisine in Yerevan
Organisation of La Francophonie Ministerial Conference kicks off in Yerevan
Haitian “Big” rap group and French “Pockemon Crew” performs in Yerevan as part of Francophone countries’ conference
France minister of state for European affairs visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Ministers of francophone countries arrive in Yerevan to participate in Ministerial Conference
Parade dedicated to 2700th anniversary of Etchmiadzin
Supreme Commander Vazgen Sargsyan’s monument unveiled in Armenia’s Etchmiadzin
Requiem to legendary Armenian football player Hovhannes Zanazanyan
Yerevan protest against proposed constitutional amendments
“Indestructible Brotherhood 2015” military exercises finished in Yerevan
The residents of the Nork psychiatric hospital
Mega DJevent in Yerevan
First rally and march of "No" front against Constitutional changes held in Yerevan
Belle Femme opening in Yerevan
Downtown Yerevan display of shoes of women who died as a result of violence
CSTO “Indestructible Brotherhood 2015” military exercises kick off in Armenia
Soldier killed in Azerbaijan shelling is laid to rest in Yerevan military pantheon
Cardinal Leonardo Sandri visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Armenia farmers block highway with grape-filled trucks
Aftermath of Azerbaijan shelling of Armenia village
Yerevan hosts Armenian Genocide experts’ forum
Motocross Cup of Armenia
Armenian political and military elite visit Yerablur pantheon
Armenian and British military bands perform in Yerevan
A seminar on tourism "Argentina, by you" in Yerevan
CSTO summit in Dushanbe
Virtually all Armenia MPs attend first fall session of National Assembly
Yerevan hosts first concert of British army band
In Akhtala held a traditional festival of barbecue
Police opened the Baghramyan avenue
Protestors against electricity price hike again block Yerevan's Baghramyan Avenue
Armenia military exercises at rifle range
Armenian Tovmasyan family, who have arrived from Kobani, need help
Wake of Vahakn Hovnanian at Surb Hovhannes church
Colonel General Gurgen Dalibaltayan laid to rest at Yerablur military cemetery
6 school-age children of Melkonyan family do not attend school
Gurgen Dalibaltyan's funeral service
Picturesque views of Hamshen
Another first of september
Clashes between police and activists on Baghramyan Avenue
What do students wear on September 1?
First day of new school year in Yerevan
Reptiles from collection of Yerevan amateur zoologist
Armenian activist detained for throwing eggs at president’s residence
River Fest Armenia 2015
Yerevan color run
Trial of Armenia family that had fled to Azerbaijan
Trial begins of Russian soldier that killed Gyumri family
Armenia draftees take oath
The new MIG-29 airplanes tested in RF airbase in Yerevan
Wreath-laying ceremony marking 40th anniversary of ASALA
“Yerevan Taraz Fest” took place at Northern Avenue in Yerevan
Pan-Armenian Games: Kuwait delegation arrives in Yerevan
Sit-in protest against electricity price rise at Republic Square of Yerevan
Armenia Police vs. “SOS” lawsuit starts
Audi Q7 is presented in Yerevan
Citizens protest against electricity price rise in Yerevan
Բուսաբանական այգին հրդեհից հետո
Armenia military recruits
Tourists visit Yerevan
Protest march of "No To Plunder" initiative to Prosecutor General's Office
Vardavar water festival in Yerevan
Protest against electricity tariff rise ends in Yerevan
Police detain protesters from Baghramyan Avenue
Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan is open
First international paragliding competitions held in Armenia
Day 8 at Baghramyan Avenue
The protesters prevent police to take barricade-bins
Day 7 at Baghramyan Avenue
Day 5 at Baghramyan Avenue: Active night, peaceful dawn
Armenia electricity price hike protest continues in Yerevan-27 june
Protestors block Yerevan’s Mashtots Avenue
Electric Yerevan protesters at Baghramyan Avenue
Protestants clean up
Yerevan demonstrators start Day 4 of sit-in with prayer
Baghramyan Avenue at late night
Yerevan continues protesting
Yerevan sit-in continues despite heavy rain
Protesters dance at Baghramyan Avenue
Armenia electricity price hike protest continues in Yerevan
Protesters against electricity price hike spent their third night at Baghramian ave.
Protest over electricity price hike in Armenia's Gyumri city
More protestors continue to arrive at Yerevan's Baghramyan Avenue
Yerevan protest against electricity price hike continues at Baghramian Avenue
Morning in Baghramyan avenue
Protesters struggling against electricity price hike in Baghramyan Avenue: Day two
Police violently break up protest against electricity price hike in Baghramian ave. in Yerevan
Protesters over electricity price hike in Bagharmyan Avenue
Sit-in against electricity price in Yerevan's Liberty Square
Protest and sit-in against electricity price hike in Yerevan's Liberty Square
Yerevan hosts 89th NATO PA Rose-Roth seminar
Clash between Armenia Police and activists against electricity price hike
Armenia citizens’ initiative holds car rally against road cameras
The damage caused by floods in Tbilisi
Bread in the Mountains holiday food festival
Concert of Tigran Hamasyan at Zvartnots cathedral
Open Day at Russian airbase in Yerevan
Physics entrance exams held at Yerevan State University
Oriflame Fashion Night in Yerevan
Ani Zakharyan’s wedding ceremony
Traditional Sheep Shearing Festival in Halidzor
Press conference dedicated to Oriflame Fashion Night
Sheikha Mozah visits Armenia’s Garni and Geghard
University entrance exams on Armenian Language kick off
Qatar's Sheikha Mozah arrives in Yerevan
OSCE Chairperson-in-Office meets with Nagorno-Karabakh President
Joint media conference of Armenian FM and OSCE Chairperson-in-Office
“Puppets for Peace and Intercultural Dialogue” march
Wives of ambassadors hand over gifts in maternity hospital
Yerevan Zoo reopens its doors
Charity event NEWS.am
Armenian stars and politicians at charity event NEWS.am
Nature Lover Masquerade at Yerevan's Lovers' Park
President of Armenia hands over awards at Sardarapat Memorial
First Republic Day celebrated at Sardarapat Memorial
Protest action against electricity price rise
President of Armenia hands over 2014 awards
ARF youths protest against electricity price rise
School leavers hold prom in Parvana restarurant
Yerevan schools’ graduates celebrate Last Bell
Armenia President pays working visit to Latvia
Armenia PM, education minister, and oligarch MP attend Last Bell event
Hiroshima lanterns in commemoration of Armenian Genocide
Roses and cucumbers from Armenian greenhouses
Nairit workers start two-day sit-in near government
Yerevan hosts ministerial summit of Bologna process
Serzh Sargsyan participates in Victory Day events in Moscow
Yerevan celebrates Victory and Shushi Liberation Days
Solemn session on the 70th anniversary of the Victory Day
Visit of President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan to US
Armenian cross-stone park opens at Yerkrapah headquarters
Former MP Gohar Yenokyan released
Military doctors’ museum opens in Yerevan
NKR parliamentary elections ended
Leaders of Nagorno-Karabakh voted in parliamentary elections
NKR parliamentary elections started
Nagorno-Karabakh in anticipation of elections
May 1 rally of Social Democrat Hunchakian Party
Armenian communists hold rally in Yerevan
Kronos Quartet in Yerevan
Sit-in in Yerevan, protesters demand release of Sefilyan and his friends
Tsitsernakaberd at night
Maria Gulegina's concert in yerevan
Gegard Mousasi and ARMBUSINESSBANK workers visit Armenian Genocide Memorial
People still visiting Genocide memorial on April 25
Torchlight procession over Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide Centennial: We remember and demand
Armenia, Russia, France, Serbia and Cyprus presidents honor Genocide victims
System of a Down concert in Yerevan
Canonization of Martyrs of Armenian Genocide at Etchmiadzin
Patrick Malakian: One road for one century
Yerevan hosts interchurch conference on Genocide Centennial
Yerevan hosts Global Forum against Crime of Genocide
Andranik Matevosyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
“Cultural Genocide, Meaning of Khachkars” exhibition opens in Yerevan
Vladimir Spivakov's concert in Yerevan
Arthur Abraham visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Silvard Atajyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
Kanye West's concert in Downtown Yerevan
Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica dedicated to 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide
Serzh Sargsyan attends unveiling of a cross-stone in Naple
Official visit of the President of Armenia to Italy
Nektar Alatuzyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
Armenian President and members of the government on the Sacred Liturgy
3,000 RPA women at Armenian Genocide Memorial make appeal to world women
Renowned pianist visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Memorial march to honor killed village mayor Hrach Muradyan
First appellate court hearing on Armenian actor’s case
Armenia schoolchildren stand honor guard at Genocide memorial
Hailstorm in Yerevan
Armenian greenhouse owners demand banning tomato import from Turkey
Sute Kocharyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
Marco Materazzi in Armenia
Match devoted to 60th anniversary of Khoren Hovhannisyan
Gennaro Gattuso in Armenia
Football stars honor memory of Armenian Genocide victims
Gennaro Gattuso arrives to Yerevan
Press conference of football stars in Armenia
World-renowned football players visit Etchmiadzin
President of Armenia on a state visit to China
Armenians pay tribute to famous actor Karen Janibekyan
Officials honor memory of former PM Andranik Margaryan
Requiem for Armenian actor Karen Janibekyan
Aray Grand opening
Aharon Manukyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
The funeral of armenian soldier killed by Azerbaijan at the Yerablur Military Pantheon
International media forum participants adopt resolution condemning Armenian Genocide
Bomb alert at Yerevan State University
Participants of media forum visit Armenian Genocide Memorial
President of Armenia addresses fifth media forum “At the Foot of Mount Ararat”
Armenia hosts “At the Foot of Mount Ararat” international media forum
Margarita Mkhitaryan: 100 years of expecting repentance
Taxi drivers protest march in Yerevan
Richard Clayderman concert in Yerevan
Blossoming apricot trees
World famous pianist Richard Clayderman arrives in Armenia
Beginning of Lent marked at St. Sargis church
Sarsang, Karabakh’s precious turquoise
Official opening of Carrefour supermarket in Armenia
Presentation of 100 LIVES initiative in New York
Armenia Products and Services Quality Awards 2014
Alyuri harstacum
Yerevan sport and concert complex at night
Yerevan celebrates 8th of March
Arevaluys Amalyan : 100 years of expecting repentance
Young defenders of land swear in at Armenian Genocide Memorial
Commander Vazgen Sargsyan’s birth anniversary at Yerevan military pantheon
Yerevan’s first snowfall in spring
Armenia parliament session
Khosrov Frangyan: 100 years of expecting repentance
Ter-Petrosian supporters held a rally and march in Yerevan
Court of Appeal hearing into Azerbaijani saboteurs' case
Wives of diplomats accredited in Armenia visit Komitas museum
Swearing-in ceremony in border detachment of Armavir Region
Slain Gyumri family remembered 40 days after brutal murder
Press conference of Raffi Hovannisian
Press conference of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland
Yerevan waste management ex-workers stage protest outside presidential palace
Armenia and Georgia parliament leaders hold joint news conference
Final match of RPA football championship
Candlemas day in St Gregory Illuminator Church
First press conference of Richard Mills, US Ambassador to Armenia
Prosperous Armenia meeting kicks off
Republican council meeting was held
Armenia protesters demand handover of Permyakov
Beeline officials hold press conference
Protest action against Russia's entry ban
Yerevan march demanding punishment for Prosperous Armenia activist's beating
“Founding parliament” press conference in Republic Square
Transport Minister talks to taxi drivers
Armenian parliament' spring session kicks off
St. Sargis Day in Yerevan
Final hearing in Vardan Petrosyan’s case
Merchants hold protest action in front of Armenian government
Concert on Armenian Army Day
ECHT hearing in case of Perincek v. Switzerland
From Yerevan Liberty Square to military pantheon on foot
January 28 at Yerablur military cemetery
Holocaust victims remembered in Yerevan
Armenia and Iran FMs meet in Yerevan
March in Yerevan: Permyakov must face justice in Armenia
Gyumri bids last goodbye to “Little Angel”
Gyumri bids last farewell to little Seryozha
Memorial service for Avetisyan family held in Yerevan
Candles in Liberty Square to honor memory of Seryozha Avetisyan
Silent march in Yerevan to honor memory of Hrant Dink
Candles and flowers in Yerevan to honor Seryozha Avetisyan
Candlelight vigil in Georgian capital in memory of murdered Armenian family
On the former market "Erebuni" collapsed several stalls
Court appeal on case involving Armenian activist and friends
Protest action and clashes in Gyumri
Several dozen activists detained in Liberty Square
Scuffle during protest action over Gyumri tragedy
Candlelight vigil and mourning march in memory of killed family held in Yerevan
Candlelight vigil in Yerevan for six members killed by Russian serviceman
The long-awaited snow in Yerevan
Liturgy on the occasion of Armenian Christmas at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
Vahan Hovhannisyan funeral
Funeral service of Vahan Hovhannisyan at St. Sarkis Church
Happy New Year
Verdict delivered on Armenia gang case
Yerevan Mayor lights up Christmas Tree in Republic Square
Protest action of public transportation employees in Yerevan
EU allocates €10 million for cooperation projects in Armenia
Armenia’s main Christmas tree is decorated
European public low organization office opened in Yerevan
Action calling for investigation into recent attacks held in Yerevan
Karabakh war veterans hold congress at Yerablur military cemetery
Repatriated Armenian family tell about Azerbaijan
Yerevan rubber plant workers demand to meet with PM
Raffi Hovannisian's supporters gather in Yerevan
Armenia President welcomes businessmen’s assembly
Armenia ratifies treaty to join Eurasian Economic Union
Protest against Eurasian Union outside Armenia parliament
Shushi at night
Killed helicopter pilots buried at Yerablur military pantheon
Funeral service of Armenian pilots shot by Azeris
Armenia marks Intelligence Officer Day
Vernisaji gorcov dat
David Sanasarian hunger strike 21.11.2014
General Sepuh's urn summed up at Yerablur military pantheon
Daily routine in Armenian military unit
David Sanasarian hunger strike
Unprecedented military exercises in Karabakh
The new winter form of armenian soldiers
Press conference of newly appointed French Ambassador to Armenia
Protest action in front of Ministry of Finance
Protest action in support of Ashot Arushanyan
Armenian Catholicoi visit Armenian Genocide Memorial
Fisrt session in process over Hayk Kyureghyan's case
Shushi of Artsakh attracts tourists from Armenia and the Diaspora
The peasants of Eghnic village of the Aragatsotnie region blocked Yerevan-Gyumri highway
8 people arrested during Mask March in Yerevan
Type to search your albumsArmenia border village residents protest outside Presidential Palace
Autumn in Gandzasar
Police clash with environmental activists in Yerevan
Armenian President visits Jordan
NEWS.am interviews Osman Baydemir
Visit of President Serzh Sargsyan to France
Court hearings into Azerbaijani saboteur’s case
Yerevan Show international exhibition opening
Rally participants march along Yerevan streets
Supporters of three parties gather for rally in Yerevan
Joint press conference of the Armenian and German Foreign Ministers
Young parents stage protest outside Armenia Government Building
March to support Alek Yenigomshyan
Captain Kidd opens in Yerevan Mall
Eminent domain victim Yerevan residents block street
New look of Northern avenue in Yerevan
Armenian president visits central park in Yerevan downtown
Festive parade in Yerevan
Statues in Yeravan were washed
Official opening of UWC Dilijan College
Rrally participants march along Yerevan streets
Three parties' rally in Liberty Square
Life in Yerevan orphanage
Awarding ceremony of “How to amend Constitution?” student contest
Yerevan merchants gather near government's building again
The students of UWC Dilijan college started their study
Rally of three parties in Ararat
MPs vs. Journalists
Protest staged before court session into case involving Armenian activist and friends
Briefing of Armenia and Greece presidents
President of Greece visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Armenia citizens’ initiative protests at judicial orders enforcement service
Yerevan merchants demonstrate outside Government Building
Drivers painted red parking marks to black
Demonstrators protesting against turnover tax block traffic in Yerevan
Skyball in Yerevan
Presidents of Armenia and Karabakh visited Erablur
First attempt to increase energy efficiency of buildings in Armenia
Man gets shot in Yerevan
“Hands out of our pocket” initiative holds action in Yerevan
Armenia court starts hearings on Volodya Avetisyan’s sentence appeal
Armenia President speaks with swindled Yerevan apartment owners
Armenia wrestlers return home from World Championships
National United Party's rally in Yerevan
Procession with torches against the genocide of the Yezidis
New building put into operation in Yerevan
Protesters demand release of political prisoners
Austria FM visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Armenian-Russian joint military drills at Alagyaz range
Anti-Customs Union march moves towards Armenia Presidential Palace
September 1 in photos
Heroes of our time: soldiers defending homeland
NKR Defense Army soldiers continue to keep to serve
Georgian PM visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
53 bus passengers heading to Russia remained stranded for 15 hours
Cabinet members visit Emergency Situations Ministry
Yazidis stage protest action in Yerevan
Old building of Zvartnots airport began to collapse
Scuffle between Orinats Yerkir members and Agrarian University students and staff
Meeting of the Presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia
Deceived apartment owners get into semi-constructed building
Energy Minister visits Yerevan thermal power plant
Yezidi stage protest action in Yerevan
March for peace in Yerevan
Residents of border villages of Armenia: Here is our land and our homes
March in support of Armenian-Russian businessman Levon Hayrapetyan
Press conference of Seyran Ohanyan
Agriculture University staff protests against Orinats Yerkir-initiated construction
Caucasian Agama
Capital of Nagorno-Karabakh lives normal life
Funeral of Azat Asoyan killed in Azerbaijani diversion
Azerbaijani diversionary team leaves equipment in battlefield
Protesters near Armenian government's building
Employees forced out of concert and sport complex
Police officers interrogated during trial on Shan Harutyunyan's case
Tourists in Yerevan
Van Saint Bartholomew Church
People of the sky
Vardavar in Armenia
Yerevan hosted a flashmob dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide
Court of Appeals leaves unchanged lowers court’s decision about custody of suspect in shooting case
15 people injured in bus crash in Armenia
Opening ceremony of new "AREAL" accelerator center
Former Gyumri mayor's cousin jaled for 17 years
Mayor of Armavir and friends injured after mine blast
Geological Museum
Hot Yerevan
Orinats Yerkir rally in Liberty Square
Karabakh war veteran sentenced to 6 years in jail
Citizens’ initiative holds 6th car rally in Yerevan
Armenian Defense Minister visits military outpost on border with Azerbaijan
PM promises to receive Yerevan rubber plant workers
Judge postpones verdict in Volodya Avetisyan's case
Activists stage protest against electricity price hike1
Heritage party holds congress in Yerevan
Court hearings into Shant Harutyunyan՝s case
Armenia education minister monitors future actors’ exams
Historical Yerevan building is being disassembled
Minister of Culture ignores activists
Activists stage protest against electricity price hike
New Police Force building officially opens in Yerevan
Heliotechnical equipment in Armenia
Historical Yerevan building’s disassembling stops
Armenia applicants write university entrance exam on math
Opening of Lenigradyan-Isakov road
Smbat Ayvazyan buried near Monte Melkonyan
The last farewell to Smbat Ayvazyan
Court hearings into Shant Harutyunyan՝s case
Shots fired ahead of trial on Shant Harutyunyan`s case
'Cilicia' medieval vessel in Sevan
'I am against' protest action at Government building
“I am against” activists hold sit-in in Yerevan
Open Day at Armenia’s Russian air base
Protest action near Afrikyans' house
Yerevan car rally fights against speed detectors
UK embassy marks Queen's birthday in Yerevan
Concert of Vakhtang Kikabidze in Yerevan
Wing-Chun martial arts is demonstrated in Yerevan
Trial into case involving Karabakh war veteran
Armenian Language and Literature university entrance exams get underway
President Sargsyan attends Yerevan figure skating school groundbreaking
Joint briefing of the Presidents of Armenia and Switzerland
Switzerland president visits Armenian Genocide Memorial and plants tree
2014 university entrance exams kick off in Armenia
NEWS.am event in Yerevan (part 2)
Armenian President attends church consecration
Armenia marks First Republic Day
4th meeting of State Commission on Coordination of Events Dedicated to 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide
Traffic jam in Yerevan
Armavir border detachment marks 90th anniversary
Bomb alert in Yerevan's “Closed Market
Armenia's ruling party gathers for 15th congress
Last Bell
“Last Bell” rings in Armenia’s schools
Meeting with relatives of missing persons
karmir xach
“Kharuyk” club turns 50
Armenia hosts China-Eurasia exhibitionArmenia hosts China-Eurasia exhibition
Armenian Deputy Speaker and Greek Ambassador commemorate Pontic genocide victims
Protest at Russian Embassy in Armenia
Figures of famous players installed at Zvartnots airport
Rally of "Preparliament" in Liberty Square
Vardan Petrosyan's trial
Protests outside Armenia Government, PM comes down
Presidents of Armenia and France open park named after Missak Manouchian
Francois Hollande arrives in Armenia
Charles Aznavour
Candles near Ukrainian Embassy in Armenia to honor Odessa fire victims
Armenian National Congress youth union holds congress
Rain in Yerevan on Victory Day
Karabakh war veterans celebrate Victory Day at Republic Square
President of Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh
Armenia celebrates Victory Day
dem em
Armenian Yerkrapah’s day marked at Yerablur Military Pantheon
Karabakh war veterans gather near court
“I am against” initiative holds action
Armenia hosts Sheep Shearing Festival
Armenia Chamber of Advocates holds International Workers’ Day awareness march
Communists’ May 1 march in Yerevan
Strong winds hit Yerevan
Meeting with Karabakh War heroes
Yerevan teachers protest outside Education Ministry
Armenia former Tire Factory workers stage protest
Protest in Yerevan
Armenian environmentalists stage demonstration outside parliament
cucahandes bruno bruni
amn despan caxkahavaq
Crane demolishes building in Yerevan
Officials rush to meeting of Republican Party of Armenia
Masterpieces of famous Armenian artists to be displayed in Yerevan
Bruno Bruni
Balloons released from Kyivyan bridge in Yerevan
Tsitsernakaberd, April 24
Armenia President and First Lady pay tribute to Genocide victims
Torchlight procession to Armenian Genocide Memorial
Karabakh War veterans hold meeting outside ruling party office
Lithuania’s Defense Minister visits Armenia
Armenians celebrate Easter in Akhtamar
Reception at Iranian Embassy in Yerevan
Yezidi community marks New Year
NEWS.am photos of former and new PM
Protest action of “I am against” initiative
"I am against" awareness rally
Karabakh war veterans march in support of Volodya Avetisyan
Air defense drills in Yerevan sky
Rally of Heritage leader Raffi Hovannisian
Protest action of “I am against” initiative
Armenian president's official visit to Turkmenistan
Ararat Valley farmers address President of Armenia
Serzh Sargsyan visits the Central Bank of Armenia
NEWS.am correspondent among award winners
Protest action near US Embassy
Armenia CC announces ruling on pension reform
Storks in Armenia
Frozen fruit trees of Ararat
Consequences of heavy snowfall in Yerevan
Armenia CC examines funded pension law provisions
Yerevan in snow
Hailstorm hits Yerevan and neighboring regions
CU future: Armenia ruling party holds international economic forum
Raffi Hovannisian supports territorial integrity of Ukraine
Vardan Petrosyan's trial
Armenia pension law opposing initiative kicks off silent demonstration
Armenia CC examines funded pension law provisions
ARF youth hand UN letter on Armenian-populated Kessab
Armenia citizens demand corresponding response from UN on Kessab events
First trial begins on Karabakh war veteran’s case
Former residents demand their homes from Armenia President
Fatal Yerevan restaurant incident case convicts’ relatives threaten to burn themselves in front of Presidential Palace
Armenia ruling party pays tribute to late PM
Fire breaks out in Yerevan district
Analysts discuss regional events’ impact on Armenia-Iran relations
Gagik Minasyan
“I am against” rally kicks off in Liberty Square
Ani Zakharyan
Armenia conference discusses “Cooperation for Success”
Apricot blossom
Dem em asulis
Car protest
'I am against' fliers all over Yerevan
Residents of Armenia’s Aragatsotn protest against HPP construction
Ardaradatutyan akademia
Crimea’s choice and its regional impact is discussed in Armenia
Artictic flashmob: dance with umbrellas as protest
Young scholars protest against Armenia pension reform
Diaspora Minister and Iran's Ambassador plant trees in ZvartnotsDiaspora Minister and Iran's Ambassador plant trees in Zvartnots
Armenia Air Force training squadron is stationed at Arzni airport
Protest action of "I am against" initiative
Residents of Armenia’s Aragatsotn protest against HPP construction
Protest in Yerevan
Ukrainian ambassador
Karabakh war veterans demand release of Volodya Avetisyan
Armenian analysts discuss Ukraine developments and repercussions
Armenia remembers Japan tsunami victims
Armenia marks International Women’s Day
Margarit Yesayan and Heghine Bisharyan
Reception in French Embassy
Protest in Yerevan
Galust Sahakyan
Priests blessed weapons in Russian military base
How will RF immigration policy reflect on Armenia?
Press conference of Anahit Bakhshyan and Vahan Shirkhanyan
Kimono show held in Yerevan
Ikebana master classes organized in Yerevan
Demonstrators march in Yerevan to honor victims of March 1
Karabakh war veterans to join ANC rally
Protest action in Yerevan's Liberty Square
March 1 tragedy protest near Armenia presidential office
March 1 Yerevan tragedy victims remembered
Yerevan march in memory of Sumgait victims
Actor Vardan Petrosyan turns 55
Petros Makeyan
Discussion held on Armenia’s new banking services
Yerevan rubber plant workers demonstrate across parliament
Boris Navasardyan
Seyran Shahsuvaryan
British Film Festival
Sergey Minasyan
Open house at Armenia’s Russian military base
Informing protest action of "DEM EM"
Armenian pension reform opponents crash conference
Sukias Avetisyan
Sergo Yeritsyan
“I am against” initiative holds action at Engineering University
Ara Papyan
Armenian demonstrators stage protest across Ukrainian Embassy
10 years pass since brutal murder of Armenian military serviceman in Hungary
Armenian expert forecasts 2014 economic year indicators
Hayrikyan miting 18.02.2014
Dem.am 18.02.2014
Exhibition dedicated to the homeless of Gyumri
Raffi Hovannisian issues annual national account
Armenia ruling party MPs speak on new pension reform
Competition of snow-made sculptures in the town of Jermuk
7th Congress of Prosperous Armenia Party
St. Sargis day
Serzh Sargsyan participates in Yerkrapah Union's congress
Press conference of "I am against” initiative
Samvel Nikoyan
Svetlana Stepanova
Valentine's Day
Armenian feminists hold flash mob in Northern Avenue
Policemen stand in wall around holiday fire in Yerevan
Armenian pagans celebrate Trndez
Protest in front of Armenian Government building
Armenians and French against homosexuality
Nairit rubber plant employees hold protest actions in Yerevan
Citizens support Argishti Kiviryan
Yerevan subway workers join movement against pension reform
Protest action of Opera artists
ArmTab tablet computer: Made in Armenia? Specialists speak
Armenia judicial process on low quality wheat ends in farmers’ favor
South Caucasus Railways employees protest against new pension plan
Ecologists on Tukhmanuk gold mine
Yervand Bozoyan
Protest action against illegal construction
Pension reform protest in Vanadzor
Protest in Yerevan
Press conference of Gagik Surenyan
Ecologists discuss Lake Sevan water level
Iranian experts offer Armenia innovation fertilizer
Yerevan march against mandatory cumulative pension
OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs welcomed with protest action in Yerevan
Press conference of Armen Martirosyan 04.02.2014
Armenia-made tablet computer presented
NGO head tells about danger of disappearing bird species
Priest and director discuss Trndez holiday
Shant Harutyunyan's birthday in Liberty Square
Arthur Baghdasaryan
Volodya Avetisyan supporters near Court of Appeal
State visit of Armenian president to Czech Republic
Road accident in Yerevan
Andranik Ispiryan
Yerevan traffic police chief holds press conference
Schoolchildren pay tribute to Armen Hovhannisyan
Armenia President awards military servicemen and Karabakh War veterans
Serzh Sargsyan visits Yerablur military cemetery
Vietnam with SAMSUNG NX 300
Armenia’s cumulative-pension-opposing movement presents clarifications on CC decision
Media meeting with Indian Ambassador
Candlelight vigil at Ukrainian embassy
Seyran Ohanyan
Press conference on state of media freedom in Armenia
Armen Hovhannisyan 22.01.2014
Honor guards lay Armen Hovhannisyan to rest
Armenian road closing is discussed
Armen Hovhannisyan 21.01.2014
Press conference of Mher Shahgeldyan
Press conference of Davit Hakobyan
Anahit Bakhshyan and Lernik Aleksanyan
Artak Shakaryan
Protest action and march of “I am against” civil initiative
Vardan Bostanjyan
Car demonstration at Yerevan Republic Square
ArmenTel assists Armenia’s border villages
Armenian youth organization against religious sects
Авиационная группа "Русские Витязи" в Ереване
Protest action in Yerevan 10.01.2014
Jailed Armenian activist’s attorney holds press conference
Armenians celebrate Christmas
Shahen Harutyunyan
New Year 2014
Supporters and relatives of Vardan Petrosyan gather in court
Protesting march against Customs Union
Informing march of Pre-Parliament
Activists call to boycott Anelik Bank
Protest action against ARTSAKHBANK
Aram Manukyan
School children and UK Ambassador decorate Christmas tree
Protest in Yerevan
Informing march of Pre-parlament
Protest in Yerevan
March against law on cumulative pensions
Armenian opposition initiative holds awareness march
hayrikyan p gazelov ert
dzmer papn u kesatoshak
Armenian car enthusiasts’ club celebrates 10-year anniversary
Beauty and problems of snow in Yerevan
BSEC session in Yerevan
Protest staged in Yerevan against Turkish FM’s visit
Human Rights Day march held in Yerevan
Protest in Yerevan
Snow-covered Yerevan
Yerevan bike rally against new pension law
Biggest New Year tree decorated with spruce branches
Event on peaceful resolution of family conflicts
Relatives demand release of Arayik Petrosyan
Car protest against new pension system in Yerevan streets
Protest action near Armenian parliament
Yerevan protest against pension reform
Vladimir Putin in Gyumri
Protest action against Customs Union
Gyumri hosts 3rd interregional forum “Russia, Armenia, Customs Union”
Russian president arrives on state visit to Armenia
Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius
Defence Minister visited borderline positions
Helicopter squadron will appear at Erebuni airport
11th congress of Social Democrat Hunchakian party
Ambassadors and politicians gather near Court of Appeals
Tevan Poghosyan
Hrant Bagratyan
Protest action near Armenian president’s residence
Protest action near Armenian parliament
Miting 14.11.2013
lawyer Alexander Sirunyan
Press conference of Anush Sedrakyan and Hranush Kharatyan
Yerevan residents complain about newly built bridge
Ashot Khudoyan
Armenian parliament’s session
Tense situation in Sayat Nova Street
Elections in town Ararat
Activists dancing near Closed Market in Yerevan
Tense situation in center of Yerevan
Armen Poghosyan
Press conference dedicated to Shant Harutyunyan and his supporters
Yerevan public transport route owners want fare increase
Armenia Police lay charges against activist
Moscow with SAMSUNG NX 300
Relatives send food to Yerevan detainees
mashtoci purak
Armenia marks Day of Intelligence Troops
The presentation of Ashot Nadanian’s book “My Chess”
Trees cut down nearby Yerevan Sports and Concerts Complex
Sergey Galoyan
Armenian NGOs’ roles are discussed
CSTO PA parliamentarians visit Armenia-Azerbaijan border
Protest action near Armenian president’s residence
Armenak Dovlatyan
Mkrtich Minasyan and Karine Hakobyan debate
Armenian MPs on state budget
Erablur 27.10.2013
Armenian National Movement’s founding re-establishment congress kicks off
Bagrat Alekyan
Late actor gives farewell to his theater in around of applause
Karabakh war veterans demand release of Volodya Avetisyan
Tense situation at Amiryan street
Canadian businessman Vazken Kaljian about Armenians living in Turkey
Edvard Militonyan
Doctors Congress
YSU students
Aram Satyan
Environmentalists discuss Lake Sevan problems
Haykazun Alvrtsyan
Garnik Isagulyan
Yerevan hosts conference on fight against xenophobia and intolerance
Food safety issues are discussed
Festive event at Erebuni airport
James Appathurai
Vahram Ter-Matevosyan
Zaruhi Postanjyan
Press conference of CIS security chiefs
CIS security chiefs meet in Armenia
Volodya Avetisyan 15.10.2013
Paruyr Hayrikyan
Zvartnots International Airport matter is discussed
Armenian opposition activist released by amnesty
serfing karapi ljum
Serzh Sargsyan tours Yerevan
Streetball competition in Yerevan
Yerevan hosts antique and classic car show
Yerevan celebrates its 2795th anniversary
Defendant in Harsnaqar case gives testimony
Street of craftsmen near Erebuni museum in Yerevan
Armenian activist’s trial resumes
Volodya Avetisyan
Protest nearby Yerevan’s Covered Market
Tigran Arakelyan remains in custody
ardzaganq 2013
Armenian government to convene closed session
Tigran Araqelyan
Closed Market in Yerevan
Tigran Karapetyan
Yerevan "welcomes" Zaruhi Postanjyan
Yerevan transport matters are discussed
Grisha Sargsyan
mashtoc purak asulis
German Ambassador
experts on Arab and Turkish studies
Yerjanik Abgaryan
Downtown Yerevan building residents to continue fight against illegal construction
NEWS.am team
UK Ambassador
Head of Armenian Union of Employers speaks on Association Agreement and Customs Union
Dmitri Hvorostovsky in Yerevan
Argishti Kiviryan
Komitas 5 residents hold protest action near Yerevan municipality
Monument to Gurgen Margaryan slain by Safarov opens in Yerevan
National dance classes at Yerevan Cascade
Canadian MP Stéphane Dion concerned over problems of Syrian Armenians
Armenia’s opposition initiative members raise issues
Govazdayin vahanakner
Karabakh War veteran and war correspondent hold press conference
Vardan Petrosyan
March of Independence in Yerevan
Supporters of Raffi Hovannisian hold rally in Yerevan
Andranik Ispiryan
RESO insurance opens new office in Yerevan
Hrant Bagratyan
ARF launches anti-emigration program
Press conference of Hovhannes Margaryan
Armenian analysts discuss stricter punishment for sexual crimes
Armenian Chamber of Advocates’ outgoing chairman votes before leaving office
Armenian Chamber of Advocates Chairman elections kick off
Protest nearby Yerevan’s Covered Market
Monument to exterminated Armenians and other nations opens in Turkey
Armenian investigation service makes clarifications on fatal incident near ex-regional governor’s home
Diyarbakir mayor served dinner for Armenian piligrims
Armenian News-NEWS.am camera captures exclusive photos of Van cat
Protest nearby Yerevan Municipality
Akhtamar 100 years after the baptisms were implemented
hhk grasenyaki dimac
Construction resumes at Yerevan’s 5 Komitas Avenue
Protest action near Armenian president’s residence
Protest in front of court, in support of activist Dmitri Harutyunyan
Car accident in Armenia, Sept. 2, 2013
Protest action near police building
Protest nearby Yerevan’s Covered Market
Protest underway at Yerevan State University
Pak shuka 31.08.2013
Police prepare for September 1
Protest action near General Prosecutor’s Office
Protest rally on Liberty Square in Yerevan
Delegation of Russian public figures visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
Briefing of Armenian Education and Science Ministry
Press conference of the lawyer of former Syunik governor’s son
Protest action near police building
Armenian activists on police violence
3D street art in Liberty Square
Exhibition dedicated to sixth anniversary of genocide of Iraqi Yezidi
Press conference of Mher Arshakyan
Seventh stage of Come Home program launched by Diaspora Ministry
Why are the university tuition fees rising in Armenia?
Activists join sit-in strikers
Armenia marks Constructor’s Day
Protest in front of Armenian Government building
21st group of Peace Corps Volunteers starts working in Armenia
Rudik Yaralyan
Armenian opposition activist’s trial in progress at Court of Appeal
Flash mob nearby Yerevan Municipality
Johnny Melikyan
Artsvashen is captive: 21 years later
Yerevan police not permitting tents across municipality building
miting Mashtoc
Northern Prospect event
“Society Without Violence” NGO of Armenia speaks on domestic violence
Exclusive photos of St. Thomas church in Van
Yerevan sit-in participants issue their code of conduct
Activists demand to reduce transport fares to 50 drams
Protest in front of Armenian Government building
Armenian stars join “Free Car” movement
Armenian opera star Hasmik Papian will present a concert
Activists march to Police building
Protest nearby Yerevan Municipality
Yerevan residents protest against increased public transportation-fare
Armenian economists on transport fare hike
Protest action in support of Ara Petrosyan in Proshyan village
Protest nearby Yerevan Municipality
Press conference on rise in public transportation fares
Experts on Russia bus crash and Hrachya Harutyunyan’s case
Protest action near Russian Embassy in Yerevan-17
Hrachya Harutyunyan’s relatives want to transport him to Armenia
Protest action near Russian Embassy in Yerevan
Air Arabia operates flights to Armenia
Press conference of Karabakh liberators
Armenia’s Commission on Border Security Issues holds meeting in Yerevan
Press conference of former Knesset MP Yair Tzaban, writer Yair Auron, Levon Ananyan and Zori Balayan
OSCE chief arrives in Armenia
Armenian national holiday Vardavar
Armenia and Lebanon sign new memorandum on economic cooperation
Armenian Constitutional Court judge holds press conference
Armenian village school ex-principal seeks asylum from embassies
Levon Zurabyan
Ombudsman and UK Ambassador speak about torture
Armen Yeritsyan
Artyom Asatryan
Armen Ashotyan-03-07-13
Davit Sargsyan
Vahram Avanesyan
Karen Khanlarian
Candlelight vigil in memory of Proshyan community leader
Thomas de Waal’s book
Samvel Tadevosyan
Haykazun Alvrtsyan
Armenia marks Aviation Day
Samvel Karapetyan-27-06-13
Aghvan Vardanyan-26-06-13
Armen Martirosyan-26-06-13
Fighting violence against women event
Former Armavia employees demand salaries
Fire in Armenian Gyumri city Saviour church
Economist speaks about Eurasian Customs Union
Galust Sahakyan-24-06-13
Center for Eye Microsurgery and Protection of Children’s Vision opens in Yerevan
Edward Hovhannisyan
Gagik Ginosyan and Volodya Avetisyan
Yerevan hosts The Armenian Family Tree book presentation
French Ambassador to Armenia holds news conference on World Music Day
Davit Hakobyan-20-06-13
Armenian Police exercises at Arzni Airport
Yerevan hosts sеsession of the Bureau of CoE Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
Chairman of CoE Congress of Local and Regional Authorities pays tribute to Armenian Genocide victims
Most popular names in Armenia
Protest action near Prosecutor General’s Office
Open Government Partnership-Armenia Conference
Reception marking the 95th anniversary of Estonia
Debates on Armenia-EU Association Agreement
Taste and bouquet of Armenian national cuisine - festival
20th anniversary of death of Monte Melkonyan
Andranik Margaryan would have turned 62
Yerevan Mayor swears in
Smith in Karvachar
News.am charity in Karvachar - gifts for children
Andranik Ispiryan
Armenian analysts hold press conference
Architects oppose disassembling of Republic Square
Press conference of attorney Givi Hovhannisyan
Murdered Armenian soldier’s wounded fellow serviceman remembers nothing from incident
Press conference of architect Sashur Kalshyan and political analyst Karen Kocharyan
Freedom fighters hold protest action near Armenian government
Protest action near Russian Embassy in Yerevan
Environment Day at Yerevan Botanical Garden
Exhibition of Ara Guler opens in Armenia
Karabakh War veterans stage sit-in at Liberty Square
Single exam on “Armenian Language and Armenian Literature” study subject
Flash mob at U.S. Embassy
Press conference on second scientific-touristic expedition
Soso Pavliashvili
Armenia’s leading politicians and show business stars sell ice cream for children part 2
Armenia’s leading politicians and show business stars sell ice cream for children
Armenian children
Protest action in Yerevan
Armenian National Congress activists hold protest against PACE
Yerevan hosts PACE Standing Committee and Bureau sessions
Kuwait parliament delegation visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
“Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund Board of Trustees
Car accident in Vanadzor, Armenia, May 29, 2013
Prince Charles attends concert in Yerevan
Yevpatoria: Sun, sea, and “wandering dervishes”
Protest action against gas price hike
Newspaper editors discuss state of media in Armenia
Armavia employees stage protest and demand their salaries
Prince Charles arrives in Yerevan
Armenia marks First Republic Day
Armenian and Russian elites fail - expert
Car accident on Orbeli Brothers street in Yerevan, Armenia
Europe days in yerevan
“Along the Trails of the Armenian Orphans” exhibition opens in Yerevan
Impound lot is decorated on “Last Bell”
Garegin Chukaszyan
“Last Bell” rings in Armenia’s schools
Protest action against gas price hike near Armenian building
Joint Economic Commission delegation visits Armenian National Institute of Standards
Vanadzor residents protest against gas price hike
Russian border guards in Armenia’s Artashat hold open doors day
Andranik Ispiryan and Sargis Grigoryan
Farmers block Armavir-Yerevan road
Press conference of Andreas Ghukasyan
Press conference on rise in gas prices
Protest action near building of Armenia’s Finance Ministry
Modern Armenian Art Exhibition in Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan
Heavy rain 19.05.2013
Greece ambassador in Tsitsernakaberd
miting karavarutyan dimac
Parents of killed soldier demand punishment the guilty
Protest action in Yerevan
Gagik Makaryan
Armen Martirosyan-17-05-13
SPAYKA after the fire
Pak shuka
Firemen do not manage to extinguish fire in Yerevan
Protest in front of Armenian Government Building
Fire in Spayka company's building in Yerevan
Presentation of book written by life-term prisoner Mher Yenokyan
Hovhannes Shahinyan
Karen Vardanyan
Consecration ceremony of St. Hovannes church commences in Abovyan
Anahit Bakhshyan and Sukias Avetisyan
Ambassador Arman Navasardyan
Art Fest 2013
Presidents of Armenia and Belarus give joint press briefing
Alexander Lukashenko honors Armenian Genocide victims
Davit Sanasaryan
Alexander Sirunyan
Rainy day 12.05.2013
Azatamartiki nstacuyc
May 10 is Sex Therapists’ Day
Raffi Hovhannisyan 09.05.2013
Armenia marks 68th anniversary of victory in WW II
Shushi liberator Pavlik Manukyan
Protest action near Armenia’s Court of Appeal
Georgi Okoyev
Ara Papyan
Tigran Mansuryan
Press conference of European observers
elections to Yerevan Council 05.05.2013
Armenia’s first president casts his ballot
Armenia’s capital is holding elections to Yerevan Council
I voted for developing, good and more comfortable Yerevan – President Sargsyan
Armenia’s ex-presidential candidates votes for Yerevan’s “Barev”
Yerevan’s incumbent Mayor votes in Avan district
SDHP Board Chairman
Dashnaktsutyun rally kicks off in Yerevan
Prosperous Armenia supporters hold rally in Yerevan
Vahagn Khachatryan-02/05/13
Armen Rustamyan
Supporters of Heritage party hold rally in Yerevan
Armenian communists holding march in Yerevan
ANC holds rally in Yerevan after a long break
yntramart 30.04.2013
Karine Kuyumdjyan presents marriage and divorce statistics
Major accident in Armenia’s Lori Region
HAK ert ajapnyakum
Press-Conference of Vardan Oskanyan
Raffi Hovannisian-29.04.13
HAK havaq ert 28.04.2013
Karen Shaxnazarov
Who will Yerevan residents vote for? – survey
Exhibition of French-Armenian painters in Arame art gallery in Yerevan, Armenia
Awarding ceremony of British Film Festival Review Competition
Press conference of French cognac experts
Arman Musinyan
Armen Martirosyan-25,04,13
Armenian Genocide victims honored in Yerevan
April 24, Armenia, Tsitsernakaberd
President Sargsyan lays wreath to Armenian Genocide Memorial
Torchlight vigil in Yerevan
Torchlight vigil in Yerevan
ANC representatives meet with voters
Press conference of “Barev, Yerevan” bloc representatives
Giro Manoyan
Press conference of Samvel Farmanyan
Heritage party’s protest action near Prosecutor General’s office
Yanni concert in Yerevan
ANC representatives' meeting with citizens of Yerevan
Press conference of Armen Poghosyan
Vehicle falls down bridge in Armenia’s Vanadzor
Raffi 19.04.13
Mkrtich Grigoryan, Armine Adamyan and Gagik Mkrtchyan
Press conference of Zaruhi Postanjyan
Press conference of Vahagn Khachatryan
Jivan Gasparyan and Yuri Vardanyan
Police mark 95th anniversary
Press conference of Hovhannes Tokmajyan
Recollections of Rimma Demirchyan
HH vostikanutyan 95 tari
ANC party’s founding congress
Raffi meeting 12.04.2013
Russian air base in Armenia marks Aviation and Cosmonautics Day
Georgian FM visits Armenian Genocide Memorial
April 11 is International day of prisoners
Artak Shakaryan
Armavia 10.04.2013
Inauguration ceremony of President Serzh Sargsyan
Armenian opposition helds alternative action
pakel en poxocner@
Arthur Baghdasaryan
Raffi Hovannisian holds rally in Yerevan
Raffi Hovannisian in Vanadzor
Press conference of Aleksandr Sirunyan
Communist Party head Ruben Tovmasyan
Gagik Minasyan
Aharon Adibekyan-03-04-13
A1+ tnoren
Three Jugs
Press conference of Nikolay Tsaturyan
Raffi Hovhannisyan stopped hunger strike
Andranik Ispiryani asulis
Armenian president visits state academic theater
Tigran Khzmalyan
Aharon Adibekyan
Raffi Hovannisian-27.03
Lyudmila Sargsyan 26.03.2013
Armenian officials pay tribute to former premier Andranik Margaryan
Asulis Forum 23.03.2013
Rally in support of Raffi Hovannisian
Alexander Markarov
Press conference of Armenia’s Kurdish community head
Vardan Ayvazyan and Tevan Poghosyan
Armenian newspaper editors discuss peculiarities of domestic political situation
Civil council in Liberty Square
Helene Segara concert in Yerevan
Helene Segara visits Yerevan brandy factory
Raffi asulis 19.03.2013
Press conference of Vahan Shirxanyan
Julio Iglesias concert in Yerevan
Press conference of Raffi Hovhannisyan 18.03.2013
Raffi 17.03.2013
Iglesias 16.03.2013
Press conference of Gurgen Yeghiazaryan
Asulis CeBIT 2013
Intellectuals assess domestic political situation
Raffi Hovannisian’s press conference at Liberty Square
Ruben Hakobyan’s press conference at Liberty Square
Armenian Constitutional Court continues examining ex-presidential contenders’ petitions
Raffi Hovannisian’s hunger-strike at Liberty Square
Raffi meeting 09.03.2013
Car accident in Lori, Armenia, March 8, 2013
Global action of Mary Kay free make-up held in Yerevan
Anush Sedrakyan and Karine Achemyan
News conference of Armenian and Lithuanian FMs
Yerevan dolphinarium being dismantled
President of German Bundestag honors memory of Armenian Genocide victims
Ruben Hakhverdyan
Press conference on viruses spread in Armenia
Rally in support of Raffi Hovannisian
Vazgen Sargsyan honored at Yerablur military cemetery
Protest staged in front of US Embassy in Armenia
Press conference of Tachat Vardapetyan 04.03.2013
Stepan Safaryan and Artak Davtyan
Hovhannes Margaryan
Protest action in Yerevan
Opening ceremony of 11th British Film Festival
Briefing on prospects of tourism development
Armen Mazmanyan
HAK marti 1
Raffi asulis ert 01.03.2013
Rally in support of Raffi Hovannisian
Britanakan filmeri 11-rd paraton asulis
Margarit Yesayan and Vardan Khachatryan
Press conference of the author of the book devoted to the Armenian genocide in Sumgait
“Armenian Premier’s Cup” of Brain-ring intellectual game
Press conference of Grigori Ayvazyan
Press conference of Forum of Armenian Associations of Europe President
Raffi Hovhannisyan-25,02,13
Armenian CEC issuing final results of presidential election
Protest action near Yerevan State University
Raffi Hovhannissyan's meeting in Yerevan, February 24, 2013
The 18th special congress of opposition Armenian National Movement (ANM) party
Raffi Hovannisian heading to regions
Raffi qaylert 22.02.2013
Raffi Hovhannisyan taraftarlarının Erivan mitingi
Protest against OSCE/ODIHR observers
Armen Martirosyan -22.02.13
Raffi Hovhannisian meets citizens at Liberty Square
Raffi Hovannisian enters presidential residence
Hovhannes Sahakyan
Larisa Alaverdyan
Supporters of opposition candidate Raffi Hovannisian hold rally in Yerevan
Press conference of Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan 20.02.2013
Vazgen Manukyan
Raffi Hovannisian’s press conference in Liberty Square
News conference of European observers
cuyc 19.02.2013
Local observers on Armenia’s presidential elections
Presidental elections in Armenia 18.02.2013
Andreas Ghukasyan about processes following his hunger strike
Raffi Hovannisian votes for Motherland
Levon Ter-Petrosyan votes for the Republic of Armenia 18.02.2013
Serj Sargsyan, elections, 2013
The last meeting before elections Paruyr Hayrikyan 16.02.2013
The last meeting before elections Raffi Hovhannisyan 16.02.2013
Andrias Ghukasyan 16.02.2013
Heritage Party on election violations
Paruyr Hayrikyan-16.02.13
Qaxaqaciakan joxov 15.02.2013
Hrant Bagratyani harcazruyc 15.02.2013
Raffi 15.02.2013
Arman Melikyan-15.02.13
Valentines day in Yerevan
Ruben Hakobyan
Garnik Isagulyan
boxoqi cuyc 14.02.2013
Vardan Sedrakyan
Mamuli azgayin akumb 13.02.2013
Press conference of Karen Kocharyan
Andreas 12.02.2013
NA/NE media competition winners, including NEWS.am reporter
Board meeting of Armenian Prosecutor General’s Office
Serzh Sargsyan
Mediakentron 11.02.2013
Press conference of Arman Melikyan
Press conference of Hrant Bagratyan-11.02.13
Paruyr Hayrikyan 10.02.2013
Hrant Bagratyan 10.02.2013
Press tour 09.02.2013
Kentronakan @ntrakan Handznajoxov 08.02.2013
Aram Harutyunyan 08.02.2013
Andreas Ghukasyan 08.02.2013
Alexander Iskandaryan
Press conference of Vahan Hovhannisyan
Aram Harutyunyan hacadul
Grand Tobago
Presidential canditate Raffi Hovhannisyan present's his program
HAK skandal
Vardan Sedrakyan visited Andreas Ghukasyan
Press conference of Vardan Sedrakyan
Press conference of Stepan Safaryan 05.02.2013
Paruyr Hayrikyan talked with journalists
Paruyr Hayrikyan started walking
Paruyr Hayrikyan@ palatum
Armenian presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan is hospitalized with gunshot wound
Armenia’s presidential candidate Paruyr Hayrikyan in severe condition after gunshot
Andreas Xukasyani asulis 31.01.2013
Protest action near OSCE office in Yerevan
European Union Centre opens in Yerevan
Protest action in support of “Zoghovurd” daily
Press conference of Ruben Tovmasyan
Cuyc K@H-i dimac 29.01.2013
HAPK glxavor qartuxar 29.01.2013
Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu is in Yerevan
Raffi Hovhannisyan in Erablur 28.01.2013
Raffi Hovhannisyan@ Haxtanaki zbosaygum 28.01.2013
Surb Sargsi ton 26.01.2013
Aram Harutyunyan
Zohvac zinvornei cnoxner@ 25.01.2013
Serzh Sargsyan meets with voters in Davitashen district of Yerevan
Solemn meeting at Armenia’s Defense Ministry
Asulis Raffi 25.01.2013
European Friends of Armenia NGO presents opinion poll results
Raffi qaroz. 24.01.2013
Asulis Elaket 24.01.2013
Armenia’s ethnic minorities on participation in presidential vote
Sargis Asatryan
Edgar Vardanyan
Paruyr Hayrikyan 22.01.2013
Vice Chairman of Heritage Party Armen Martirosyan
Naxagahi handipum 21.01.2013
Explosion at Armenia’s Vanadzor Chemical Plant
Karen Shahnazarov 21.01.2013
Raffi qarozarshav 21.01.2013
Nagui Al-Wasfi exhibition in Yerevan
Raffi Hovannisian-18-13
Sergey Galoyan
Meeting of Armenian and Georgian PMs
galust sahakyan-16-01-13
Asulis Henaran 16.01.2013
Momavarutyun hndkastani despanatan dimac 14.01.2013
Artak Zakaryan and Hovhannes Igityan 14.01.2013
Serj Sargsyan in museum 12.01.2013
Ruben Ayvazyan-Robert Simonyan 11.01.2013
Snow in Yerevan 10.01.2013
Mario Stefano 10.01.2013
Press conference of Aram Sargsyan and Vartan Bostanjyan
Asulis 08.01.2013
New Year night 2013 in Yerevan
Ethnologist and priest on New Year
Asulis 28.12.2012
Press conference of Vazgen Manukyan
Public meeting of Heritage Party
Pan-Armenian National Movement holds the 17th congress
HAK hamagumar 21.12.12
Mariott 20.12.12
Debat 20.12.2012
Larisa Alaverdyan and Mkrtich Minasyan
Press conference of Vahan Hovhannisyan
Istanbul through eyes of great Turkish-Armenian photographer
Press conference of Alain Delon
Press conference of Khachik Harutyunyan
Winter 16.12.12
About 30 tracks blocked on the Vanadzor-Alaverdi road 16.12.12
Armenia’s ruling party holds special congress
Mrcanakner 14.12.12
Yerevan@ amanorva naxorenerin 14.12.12
Meeting of Armenia, Poland, Sweden, and Bulgaria FMs
Photos of Ara Guler and Erdogan among the best
Qaxaqakan banavech 13.12.12.
Suren Abrahamyani asulis@ 13.12.12
Fire in the city of Spitak in Armena
Press conference of Zoya Tadevosyan
Armenia bids final farewell to Flora Martirosyan
Yerevan sees first winter snowfall
Momavarutyun 10.12.2012
HAK ert 10.12.12
Aziz Tamoyan- 10.12.12
Karen Andreasyan -10.12.12
Lernik Aleksanyan and Hmayak Hovhannisyan hold debate
Vanadzor pays tribute to earthquake victims
Vahan Tumasyan 07.12.12
Hrachya Petrosyani asulis@ 06.12.12
Mher Shaheldyani asulis 06.12.12
Stepan Safaryan and Armen Martirosyan 05.12.12
Anjela Sargsyani gorcov 04.12.12
Mkrtich Minasyani asulis@ 04.12.12
Ashot Melikyan
Barozu in Tsitsernakaberd 01.12.12
Asulis serj
Armenia retuned to Azerbaijan captive Telman Aliyev
Fleshmob 30.11.2012
Turkmenistan President visits Yerevan’s Blue Mosque
Amatuni Virabyani asulis 28.11.2012
Hraparaki tonatsar 27.11.2012
Hrant Bagratyani asulis 27.11.2012
Asulis Henaran 27.11.2012
Armenian President visits Lebanon
Asulis Britan
Asulis Hayeli 26.11.2012
Armenia, Agarak archaeological site
Armenia’s delegation successful at GITI 2012 Conference in Georgia
Arminka's wardrobe
Asulis Gladzor 24.11.2012
Asulis Hayacq
Gyuxatntesutyan poxnaxarar
Kobzoni hamerg 22.11.2012
Kobzoni asulis
Asulis Stepan Safaryan
Asulis Elaket 22.11.2012
Polyakov’s “Mushroom kingdom” book Armenian translation completed
Opera 21.11.2012
Asulis Hayeli 19.11.2012
Vahagn Khachatryan
Qaylert 17.11.2012
Bespilotnikni 17.11.2012
axvesn u katun
Aycelutyun cexaspanutyan tangaran 16.11.2012
Hrant Bagratyani asulis 15.11.2012
Armen Martirosyan15.11.2012
Asulis Ara Papyan
Asulis Sergey Minasyan
Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to France
Asulis-Vardan Sedrakyan11.12.2012
Cucadrutyun 10.11.2012
Armenia marks 20th anniversary of Intelligence Forces
Asulis ezdi
Asulis-Tesaket 10.11.2012
Asilis_Mariott 09.11.2012
Asulis 08.11.2012
Asulis Ervand Bozoyan
First liturgy in St. Giragos church in Turkey’s Diyarbakir
Asulis in Hayeli 06.11.2012
Press conference of Hovhannes Margaryan 06.11.2012
Asulis in Hayacq 05.11.2012
Asulis 03-11-2012
Mrgi ton
Press conference of Davit Shahnazaryan
Press conference of Hrant Bagratyan
Asulis ginekolog
Asulis qahana
Armenia’s President visits archaeological excavations in Artashat and Shengavit
Sandy Hurricane
Gold award in Marriot
Michael Melkumyan
Popok award
Asulis POPOK
Press conference of Gurgen Yeghiazaryan and Manvel Badeyan
NKR Defense Minister Movses Hakobyan
Semi-constructed building collapses in Yerevan
Press conference of Karen Bekaryan
Press conference of Alexander Iskandaryan 25.10.2012
EXPO Russia-Armenia 2012
Press conference of Gagik Harutyunyan 22.10.2012
Dalma opening
sexually transmitted diseases and prostitution
Armenian Consumers’ Union
ArmProd EXPO 2012 in Yerevan
Michel Legrand in Yerevan
Press conference of Ashot Manucharyan
Samvel Baghdasaryan
Press conference of Galust Sahakyan
Meeting with Secretary-General of World Tourism Association
Press-conference of expert on Azerbaijan Sargis Asatryan
davit hakobyan
Oriflame in Armenia
Manvel Ghazaryan tells about wine
Press cpnference of Boris Navasardyan and Arman Babajanyan
Press conference of Gagik Minasyan
Yerevan celebrates 2794th anniversary - part4
Yerevan celebrates 2794th anniversary - part3
Yerevan celebrates 2794th anniversary - part 2
Yerevan celebrates 2794th anniversary - part1
Press conference of choreographer Rudolf Khachatryan
Drills in Armenia Marriott hotel
Kiro Manoyan
Arman Navasardyan
Tachat Vardapetyan&Haykazun Alvrcyan
Suren Abrahamyan
Traditional Harvest Festival in Lori, Armenia
Mikayel Melkonyan
Hamlet Harutyunyan
DigiTec Expo 2012
Ervand Bozoyan
Ambassador of Germany
Artem Asatryan
Most famous resturant in Cilicia is in the house that was confiscated from Armenian
Areni wine factory in Areni village, Armenia
Eduard Hovhannisyan
Raffi Hovhannisyan
Evgeny Kissin in Yerevan, Armenia
Konstantin Orbelyan
Suren Melkonyan
Shtepan Fyulle
Gurgen Margaryan-erablur
Wine farm in Areni, Armenia
Mkrtich Minasyan
Aram Gaspari Sargsyan
Berlin Botanical Garden
Ervand Manaryan
Al. Iskandaryan
Fire in Gyumri
Police inspection on Yerevan streets
CSTO CRRF “Cooperation 2012” military drills in Armenia
Awards - "Interaction 2012"
Gitnakanner _ asulis
N. Bordyuja_asulis
Ashot Manucharyan
Vardan Ayvazyan_asulis
Aram Karapetyan_asulis
Collective Rapid Reaction Force military exercise commence in Armenia
Wings of Tatev aerial tramway accepts 100,000th visitor
Harsnaqar restaurant trial kicks off
Stepan Safaryan 13.09.2012
Tigran Karapetyan 13.09.2012
Chess asulis
Hayk Demoyani asulis
mamuli asulis Henaran
Grape collection at Ararat Valley
Political scientists Alexander Markarov and Manvel Sargsyan hold press conference
Psychologist Kamo Vardanyan speaks about suicides
Liturgy in the Church of the Holy Cross on Akhtamar Island
Circus building to be blown up
Safarov case: protests continue across the world
Filharmoniki asulis
Armenians hold protest action in Vilnius
Armenian President’s and NATO Secretary General’s joint news conference
Artak and Lilit
NATO Secretary General’s Yerevan visit causes discontent among youth
NATO Secretary General meets with Yerevan State University students
Demonstration at Yerevan State University
PKK places its flag in Turkey’s southeast
Arkadi Ter-Tadevosyan
Stepan Sapharyan
Aghvan Vardanyan_040912
Richard Kirakosyan.
Hrant Bagratyan_030912
Hungariayi droshi ayrum
September 1
Zaruhi Postanjan
Tigran Mukuchyan_310812
Narine Hovhannisyan
Akhtala mayor house assault in Armenia
Hovhannes Tumanyan House Museum
Samvel Karapetyan
gov nist..
Cuyc karavarutyan dimac
Xorovaci paraton
Suren Zolyan..
Artem Asatryan_Vache Gabrielyan
Eduard Saribekyan
Ani Surb Amenaprkich church
Kazakstani despan
Sergo Karapetyan
Samvel Galstyan
samvel galstyan
Aram Sargsyan.
Public transportation in Berlin
Hripsime Khurshudyan
Tigran Karapetyan.
The "spy" bridge across Havel
Varchapet_shinarari or
boxoqi akcia_dataxazutyun
Martin Yorgans
Davit Hakobyan
Karen Bekaryan
Peace Corps
Armeinan Extreme-2012 Festival
Petros Hovhannisyan
Conscripts of Russia’s border guard service in Armenia take oath
Tigran Davtyan
Sanasaryan, Chugaszyan, Kharatyan
Boxoqi akcia-Avetyan.
Karine Arustamyan _ Georgi Okoev
Suren Manukyan
Nelly Duryan
Armenia’s President visits London
Group of Armenians on Maruta mountain
Axi kombinat
Major accident in Armenia’s Vanadzor, four died
OSCE monitoring
Suren Sirunyan
Narijkin-Genocide Memorial
Police-press conference
Paruyr Hayrikyan
Hayk Sanosyan
Hmayak Hovhannisyan
42-storey building in fire in the center of Istanbul
Rafayel Qotanjyan
Harut Palulyan_Hripsime Margaryan
Armenian and Turkish business women signed agreements in Diarbekir
Armen Petrosyan
Lamberto Zannier
new Diyarbakir Mayor receives businesswoman from Armenia
French ambassador
Arsen Ayvazyan
Mihran Poghosyan
Vahram Sahakyan
Armen Ashotyan
Zaruhi Postanjyan
Suren Arustamyan
Sergey Danielyan_Nikolay Tsaturyan
Vardan Petrosyan
ari grkem
Meeting of the president Serzh Sargsyan and Van Rompay
Van Rompay
Chiness exhibition
Vahe Avetyan
Andranik Sarkavag Manukyan_Yuri Sargsyan
Im Hayastan
Lusine Sahakyan
Ashot Manucharyan
Brandy factory
Van cat gets on podium
Heinz Fischer
President of Austria Heinz Fischer
Aram Abrahamyan
Ruben Hakobyan
Artak Zakaryan
signing ceremonies
Stories from Armenian-Turkish border
Stories from Armenian-Turkish border
Gov session
Qimia qnnutyun
Police 20
Ara Asoyan
newly appointed ministers
Meeting of Armenian and Turkish businessmen in Kars
Eduard Hovhannisyan
Britain Queen 60th anniversary
Golden Apricot
Third Armenian-Turkish business forum
Lragroxner Hanun Apagayi
Artak Davtyan
Andranik Alexanyan
Spitak city’s social services buildings were on fire twice
Armen Poghosyan
Suren Zolyan
Wedding of Serj Tankian and Anzhela Madatyan
H. Hovsepyan
Hail damage at Jujevan village of Armenia’s Tavush Region
Body found in a lake in Spitak city, Armenia
President of Armenia visits Vietnam
press conference of Alik Arzumanyan
Russian examination
Karen Davtyan's exhibition
Haykakan gampr cexatesak
armenia vs japan
press conference of Sergey Minasyan
Tatul Manaseryan_Bagrat Asatryan
presentation of book "Media"
Hakob Avetiqyan
Firing of shots has become commonplace for residents of frontier Chinari village
US secretary of State Hillary Clinton
G. Sargsyan
St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church in Caesarea
Jarangutyun hamagumar
Armenian church in Turkey’s Malatya Province
“Miss 7 Continents” beauty contest and festival
Armenian show business
Calouste Gulbenkian’s home in Turkey is still rundown
National Assembly
Newly elected Armenian MPs get parliamentary mandates
All Armenian Fund
The only Armenian of Caesarea
The joint press conference of Gurgen Hovhannisyan and Ruben Grigoryan
Press conference of Paruyr Hayrikyan
The Armenian Holy Trinity church in Malatia (Turkey)
Large Armenian pagan sanctuary of Nemrut
Armenian school in Istanbul
Session of RA Government
The press conference of Ara Gevorgyan
The joint press conference of Norik Sargsyan and Nelli Duryan
Cannes Film Festival 2012
Robert Amirkhanyan
The press conference of Nune Yesayan
The press conference of Galust Sahakyan
The press conference of Tovmas Poghosyan
The press conference of Stepan Danielyan and Andreas Ghukasyan
The press conference of Anush Sedrakyan and Manvel Badeyan
Central Election Committee announced the final results of parliamentary elections
Deadly car accident in Armenia, May 12, 2012
Vrej Shahramanyan's press conference
9 May
Military parade in Stepanakert.
Military parade in Stepanakert
HAK miting
20th anniversary of Shushi liberation
Press conference of Aram Karapetyan
The press conference of Hrachya Petrosyan and Gurgen Namalyan
Zohrab Mnacakanyan
International Election Observation Press Conference
Vladimir Marushenko
Meeting of Armenia's Central Electoiral Commission
Tigran Mukuchyan
Levon Minasyan
Orinats Yerkir Rally in Yerevan, May 4, 2012
Stepan Demirchyan
Heritage party rally ended with Dzakh Haroot concert
Arshak Banuchyan
Dashnakcutyun rally in Yerevan, May 2, 2012
Heritage member Anahit Bakhshyan presents her book
Press conference of Lyova Khachatryan
Jarangutyun hamerg
OSCE monitoring, visit to Dovegh village which was fired at by Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces, and site of attack by Azerbaijani diversion group
Aghvan Vardanyan
Karen Andreasyan
S. Safaryan
Tigran Mukuchyan
Gohar Veziryan
april 24
1915 Armenian Genocide witness
Torchlight procession in Yerevan, April 23, 2012
Mayor of Milan
Ardzani bacum
Yerevan - World Book capital
ANC rally
press conference at French Embassy
Валерий Федоров
Dashnakcutyun conference
Republican Party of Armenia rally in Shengavit district of Yerevan, April 19, 2012
Veniamin Smexov
The opening ceremony of a monument to Alexander Mantashev
The opening ceremony of a monument to Alexander Mantashev
Prosperous Armenia Party in Tavush Region
Mashtoc park
Samvel Sevada
Azgayin Erajshtakan Mrcanakabashkhutyun
HHK hamerg
Rally of Armenian National Congress in Ijevan
Arayik Sargsyan
Press conference of Russian actors
Artur Baghdasaryan
Hovhannes Hovhannisyan
Miss Armenia
Armenian schoolchildren hold anti-smoking event
Rescuers take out corpse of a man from Pambak River
Fire at Armenia-Georgia border
Mardu iravunqneri pashtpan
"Jarangutyun" party
New Wave
congress hotel
FM of Cyprus
Round-table discussions on migration issues
Arrive of the Prime Minister of Bulgary
"Tokio" quadro
Armenian President attends opening of auto registration center
post skriptum
The concert of Patrick Fiori in Yerevan
Raffi-Arto stage trial before the performance
Protesters intend to dismantle the constructions in Mashtoc park in Yerevan, March 31, 2012
Traditional opposition rally held in Yerevan
Garnik Isagulyan's press conference
Press confernce of Patrick Fiori
Patrick Fiori's press conference
Congress of "Dashnakcutyun" party
Signing of memorandum between Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan and head of USAID mission to Armenia Jatinder Cheema
The entrance of nine-story wrecking apartment building in Vanadzor city turned into junkyard
Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan is in Singapore on state visit
discussion in Congress hotel
Paruyr Hayrikyan's press conference
Davit Hakobyan's press conference
Armenian President attends Seoul Nuclear Security Summit
Nikol Pashinyan's press conference
Vahan Hovhannisyan's press conference
President Sargsyan paid tribute to the memory of Andranik Margaryan
Chinese buses
Armen Arakelyan's press conference
Press conference of Raffi Hovhannisyan
Elections of the NA of RA 2012
Press conference of representatives of ARF Dashnakcutyun
Vahagn Khachatryan's press conference
Joint press conference of Karine Achemyan and Khachatur Gasparyan
Orinats Yerkir party's congress
Boris Navasardyan's press conference
Press conference of Razmik Zohrabyan
Press conference of Karine Hakobyan
Press conference of Artak Zakaryan
The Prosperous Armenia Party’s congress
300 willows illegally cut in Armenia’s Lori region
Snow caused traffic jam in Lori region of Armenia, 16 March 2012
Conference of FDP
Press conference at Foreign Affairs Ministry
The press conference of Ruben Hayrapetyan
Karen Chshmarityan's press conference
Khachatur Sukiasyan's press conference
Hrant Bagratyan's press conference
dedicated to E. Charenc
Ara Babloyan's press conference
Press conference of Richard Kirakosyan
Conference of ARP
Illegal cut of trees in Lori province
Armenia celebrating international women day
8 march
The joint press conference of Vahe Enfeadjyan and Hovhannes Sahakyan
The joint press conference of Lilit Galstyan and Lyudmila Sargsyan
Press conference of Khachanush Hakobyan and Gayane Hovakimyan
Grisha Baghyan's press conference
Press conference of Samvel Harutyunyan
Press conference of Vardan Ayvazyan and Armen Martirosyan
Armenia’s airport has new VIP hall
53rd anniversary of Vazgen Sargsyan
Russia President’s Elections in Armenia
Environmentalists continue protest action in Yerevan downtown
«Beauty Expo 2012»: Everything about beauty
"Heritage" party conference
Press conference of Ruben Hayrapetyan
ART EXPO Exhibition in Yerevan
Opposition Rally in Yerevan devoted to March 1, 2008 events
Press Conference by Alla Levonian and Arsen Grigoryan
Press conference of Mkrtich Minasyan and Alexander Arzoumanian
Press conference of Bagrat Asatryan and Artak Davtyan
Arthur Abraham-Piotr Wilczewski press conference
Press Conference of Giro Manoyan
Press conference of Garik Keryan
United Labor Party and Prosperous Armenia unite
Pensioners’ database will be created
Armenian opposition holds protest action near parliament building
Action to support human rights activist Ragip Zarakolu
Head of Narekatsi Art Union is outraged by actions of tax officers
Briefing of Kazakh Ambassador to Armenia
Torchlight Procession in Yerevan in Memory of armenian victims in Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Authorities started cleaning river Agstev in Armenia after criticism in NEWS.am
Discussion: Bayandur Poghosyan is not a Satanist, he just does not want to kneel before God
Oscars 2012 awards ceremony
Hrant Margaryan on necessity of public control over elections
Armenia’s Weightlifting Championships
Press conference of Rev. Tovm
Bomb alert in Yerevan downtown, Feb. 24, 2012
Armenia’s Weightlifting Championships
Armenia’s Weightlifting Championships
Armenia’s Weightlifting Championships
Meeting of Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission
Press conference of Ruben Hakhverdyan and Manvel Badeyan
Press conferense of Vahan Hovhannisyan
Armenian women’s weightlifting championships
Armenian environmentalists exhibit paintings of autistic children
Press conferense of Galust Sahakyan
Press conference by Karen Bekaryan
Yerevan night
Osip Mandelshtam commemorative evening
Greens’ movement holds protest action near city hall
The press conference Vardan Ayvazian
Press Conference of Gagik Melikyan
Book Day event at The Club
Protest action against construction in square garden at Mashtots avenue in Yerevan, Amenia, 18 Feb 2012
Greens’ movement struggles for Yerevan center
Concert of Armsuperstar
Press conference of opposition member Sasun Mikaelyan
Press Conference of Rafik Petrosyan
Press conference of Armenian Energy Minister
Trail of former Armenian police officials
Protest action near government building
Press conference of Larisa Alaverdyan and Hovhannes Sahakyan
New uniform of Armenian police
The press conference of Aram Manukyan
Greens’ movement holds protest action in Yerevan
Former head of Armenia’s road police stands trial
Yerevan covered with snow
Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan at Saint Sargis day celebration in Yerevan's Lover's Park, February 4 2012
Armenia’s National Army turns 20
Meeting of Armenian, Russian, Azerbaijani leaders in Sochi
Istanbul mourns over Hrant Dink’s memory, this trial will not end like this
Car accident in Vanadzor, Armenia, Jan 15, 2012
Protest rally in Tekhut, Armenia
Depi Texut
World on Christmas Eve
President of Iran visits Armenia
Armenian national football team honoring
Armenian President’s meetings in Italy
OSCE Ministerial Council in Vilnius
Armenian President's visit to Georgia
Traditional opposition rally held in Yerevan
Yerevan’s new Mayor formally takes office
A 3-year-old dies in the fire in Armenian village
Steve Wozniak meets with Armenian students
Intelligence Department of Armenia’s Armed Forces turns 19
International Fair of Press & News Agencies
Traditional opposition rally held in Yerevan
Ermanno Scervino fashion show in LaGalleria, Yerevan
Reopening of St. Giragos Armenian Church in Diyarbakir and liturgy
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's visit to Moscow, Russia
Earthquake near Van, Turkey
Animal masquerade-parade on Yerevan streets
EURO 2012. Armenia - Ireland 1:2
Visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Armenia, October 2011
Steve Jobs
Road Collapse in Northern Armenia, October 2, 2011
Traditional opposition rally held in Yerevan 30 sep 2011
Optics of Liquid Crystals (OLC) 14th International Topical Meeting in Yerevan, Armenia
President of Armenia continues visit to US
Armenian president's visit to United States
Traditional opposition rally held in Yerevan
Show dedicated to 20th anniversary of Armenia's independence in Yerevan
Double holiday in Yerevan
Military parade in Armenia
Parade dedicated to 20th anniversary of Armenia’s Emergency Situations Ministry
Protest in front of Belarus Embassy in Yerevan
September 1st, 2011, in Yerevan
Hurricane Irene
Serj Tankian in Yerevan, August 2011
Serzh Sargsyan welcomes Armenia vessel
Traditional opposition rally held in Yerevan
Armenia greets its heroes - World Chess Champions
Sanahin monastery in Armenia is being destroyed by moisture and vegetation
President Serzh Sargsyan conducted an official visit to Ukraine
China hosted Armenian culture days
Meeting of Armenian, Azerbaijani and Russian Presidents in Kazan
Mazda CX7 in Armenia
Visit of Armenian President to Strasbourg
12-years old boy's body found in Armenian river
Two car collision in Yerevan, 6 injured, June 05, 2011
Car crashed into electricity pole in Armenia, June 3, 2011
Politicians: young and mature
First Republic Day Celebration in Sardarapat, Armenia, May 28, 2011
Residents close a new road in Sari Tagh district in Yerevan
Political prisoner Nikol Pashinyan released in Armenia
Armenian rescuers ready to help
Fatal traffic accident in Yerevan, four dead in fire, May 17, 2011
Mercedes dashed out from a bridge in Alaverdi, Armenia, four dead
Armenian President's visit to Switzerland
Fatal car accident in Yerevan, Armenia, May 1 2011
Future king gets married in UK
Traditional opposition rally held in Yerevan
Armenia mourns for Genocide victims
Torchlight march in Yerevan
Taxi with two female passengers turned over in Yerevan, Armenia, April 21, 2011
Suzuki Swift Presentation in Yerevan, Armenia, April 21, 2011
Arival of Sukhoy-Superjet-100 to Zvartnots airport, Yerevan, Armenia, April 19 2011
Three cars collision in Yerevan, April 17, 2011
Mercedes hit garbage truck in Yerevan, Armenia, April 17 2011
Armenian President visits Slovenia
Police - Press Seminar in Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, April 09 2011
Car Accident in Yerevan, Armenia, April 10 2011
Opposition rally in Yerevan
Fire in restaurant of Armenian MP
Armenian President on visit to Serbia
Skirmish between citizens and military police due to car accident in Yerevan, April 02 2011
Mercedes hit trees due to open sewerage hatch in Yerevan, Armenia, April 02, 2011
Suicide in Yerevan, Armenia - a man jumped from Pobeda bridge on April 01 2011
Swiss President`s visit to Armenia
Raffi Hovannisian ends hunger strike
Кадры из фильма "Из двух миров на память"
Football passions in Yerevan 2
Football passions in Yerevan
Opposition Meeting in Baku, March 12, 2011
Russia Armenia and Azerbaidjan presidents meeting in Sochi on March 05, 2011
Opposition rally in Yerevan
Stray cats in Yerevan
Mirzoyevka is a multinational village where Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Assyrians, Georgians live side by side
Opposition rally in Yerevan
Beijing on New Year`s Eve: photos by Armenian News-NEWS.am
Armenian President visited Cyprus and Greece
New Year
Drunk driver hit mother and daughter in Yerevan
Two racing in Yerevan city cars ended up in collision
Fatal car accident in Yerevan involving parliament MP body guard
Placido Domingo in Yerevan
Serzh Sargsyan at OSCE Summit in Astana
Truck with cocoa felt off road in Armenia
Student's coprse found out under Kievyan Bridge in Yerevan
Suicide at Kiev bridge
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan at military exercises in NKR
Car accident on Proshyan street in Yerevan, Nov 07 2010
Car accident in Yerevan, Oct 30 2010
Armenian Cross Stones in Europe
Wings of Tatev in Guinness Book of Records
Oil truck hits police car in Yerevan, Oct 24, 2010
meeting of opposition in Yerevan
Opening cremony of world's longest rope-way in Armenia
Митинг оппозиции в Ереване
Car accident on Saralandj street, Yerevan, October 10, 2010
Car accident on Baghramian street, Yerevan, October 10, 2010
Erebuni-Yerevan celebration, Yerevan, Armenia, October 10 2010
Car accident on Komitas street, Yerevan, Armenia, October 10 2010
Slovenian architecture exhibition in Yerevan
Corpse found near Armenian Defense Ministry
Car accident on Komitas street in Yerevan, 4 injured
Two BMWs collided in Djrvezh, Yerevan
Homeless dogs in Yerevan
Car accident in Yerevan, Armenia, September 23 2010
Heavy traffic accident in Yerevan, 6 injured, September 21, 2010
Car accident in Yerevan, Armenian actress Arpine Israelyan injured
Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and «Menk» youth movement, initiated a liturgy followed by a protest rally at the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan
Turkish farce: Surb Khach church without cross
Opposition rally in Yerevan
Fire in SAS supermarket in Yerevan, Armenia on September 17, 2010
NATO exercises over in Armenia
The Akhtamar Surb Khach Church
NATO Exercise in Armenia, 2010, Opening Ceremony
Showdown in a school yard in Yerevan
Fire in metro station Marshal Baghramyan in Yerevan, Armenia, September 08, 2010
Drunk driver run out the road into canуon
Gérard Depardieu in Yerevan, September 4, 2010
Emergency employees mark their holiday in new office building
Michel Platini visited new football academy in Armenia
First day of school, September 1, 2010
Police prevented suicide attempt in Yerevan, Armenia, August 31, 2010
Archaeological excavations of Tigranakert, near Agdam in Nagorno-Karabakh
Armenian police task force marks 20th anniversary
Drunk employee of the Armenian Ministry of Justice hit a taxi in the center of city
Child and woman killed in Sevan-Dilijan tunnel fire
Night skirmish near Military registration and enlistment office in Yerevan, Armenia, on August 26, 2010
Young Female Driver Knocked Down an Old Woman on Khandjyan street in Yerevan, Armenia, on August 21 2010
CSTO Sammit in Yerevan on August 20, 2010
Car accident in Yerevan, Armenia on August 20, 2010
State visit of Rusiia president Dmitry Medvedev t Armenia in August 2010
Russia's president Dmitri Medvedev visit to Armenia on August 19, 2010
Court Process Vahan Khalafyan in Yerevan Armenia on August 18, 2010
Alexan Bayanduryan first disabled to climb Ararat
New fire engines from Japan to Armenia, August 11 2010
Deadly Car Accident in Yerevan, Armenia on August 07, 2010
Armenian National Congress Meeting for Celebration of 2nd Anniversary in Yerevan, Armenia, August 1 2010
Car Accident in Yerevan on July 31, 2010
Fire in Arqayadzor Restaurant near Zoo in Yerevan, July 28 2010
Food and dirt in Yerevan Underground
Car Accident in Armenia on Yerevan - Aparan Highway, July 27, 2010
Trial of Armenian policemen turns into scuffle
Clash between turks and kurds in Bursa on July 25, 2010
Car Accident in Yerevan, July 25 2010
Car Accident in Yerevan 24 July 2010
Sargsyan - Clinton Meeting July 4 2010
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