Surfing and Waves at the Breakwall..... From 1976 to more Recent Times. Do not use these images without my permission. Please see my Profile. © All rights reserved. Brian McStotts
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Redondo Breakwatera set by mcshots
453 photos

The Beach Pebble Lighthouses
The Sun Also Rises
Marine Mammals
The Intertidal Zone
Empty Waves
Longboard Surf
Mutant Backwash
Micro Waves
Surf Malibu
Redondo Breakwater
The Trestles Coast
Ventura County Surf
Sidewinder Reef
Aerial Surf Views
Slow Shutter Surf
January Twentieth 2015...Some Swell Action in SoCal
Winds of September
Two and A Half Days in June
A SoCal Winter RoadTrip
A Big Summer Swell
A Baja Winter Adventure
Almost Spring in Baja
RoadTrip...Big Surf
A Day in the Life...Big Weds
Another Big Wednesday
The First Friday of 2013
Mexico and Central America
The Pacific NorthWest
Southern California
The High Sierras
The Grand Canyon
Death Valley National Park
The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
Red Rock Canyon
Ventura County
Orange County, California
Mission San Juan Capistrano
San Diego County
The Elfin Forest...Escondido, Calif
A Day In the Life of the Desert Iguana
Riverside County
Los Angeles County, California
L.A.'s South Bay
Santa Monica and Venice Beach
La Ballona Wetlands
Topanga Canyon and Beach
Corral Canyon
Charmlee Park
The Rock People of La Ballona Creek
The Queen Mary
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Space Shuttle In Los Angeles
The Pipe
December 28th 2014
Family, Friends, and Acquaintances
The Opposite Sex
The Cumisha Amado Gallery
Dewey Weber
The Dewey Weber Surf Legends Memorial Statue Unveiling
Surf Art
Tikis-Mermaids-Hula Girls-and other Art
Jetty 2016
Jetty 2014
Jetty 2013
Jetty 2012
Jetty 2011
The Jetty 1992 to 2010
El Porto 2016
El Porto 2015
El Porto 2014
El Porto 2013
El Porto February 2013
El Porto January 2013
El Porto Fall and Winter 2012
El Porto January 2012
El Porto May 2011
El Porto April 2011
El Porto March 2011
El Porto February 2011
El Porto January2011
El Porto December 2010
El Porto November 2010
El Porto October 2010
El Porto June...July...August and September 2010
El Porto May 2010
El Porto April 2010
El Porto March 2010
El Porto February 2010
El Porto January 2010
El Porto December 2009
El Porto Surf...1970s to 2009
January 2010 Tube Fest
A Day in the Life of a Big Winter Swell-Dec.2006
January 2010 Storm
New Sand Bars
A Big And Wet Wednesday
2009 NBVC Point Mugu Surf Contest
South Bay Boardriders Club Contest
2009 US Open Of Surfing
Stand Up Paddle Surf
WindSurfing and KiteSurfing
Wave Skis
Kahanamoku's Swimboat
The Light of Christmas
Independance Day 2010
McBlack And White
Other Stuff
The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942
Playa Del Rey Jetty Air Rescue
Cleopatra Exhibit
California Strawberry Festival
Chango and the Meanie Wahine's Big Day
The Chuck Ingham Memorial Paddle Out
Glen Harker Memorial Paddle Out
Troy Whitehead Memorial Paddle Out
The Leroy Grannis Memorial
The Terry O'Donnell Memorial
The Tom Marcellino Memorial
The Dale Velzy Memorial
Laid To Rest
Channel Islands
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